Vol 8 No 4

Summer 1998
Vol. 8 No. 4


Front Words Exciting summer ahead!

Alum&I Adventures and advice from the experts


Scrapbook Contests and research, commemorations, We’re linked!, Great reunion places, a mortgaged reunion, don’t let jet lag ruin your reunion, reviews

Branch Office Obituaries: biographies for the living
by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack

Christmas in July by Ellen Clark
Family health history a hot reunion topic!
Ratliffs reunite by Dena J. Dyer

Kids stuff v Pranksters reunion by Kevin R. Manos
Scavenger hunt, special ideas and programs for kids
Camping reunions How-to and resources, campground cooking and activities by Larry Polenske
Church camps and conference centers
Wilderness reunion by Dale Giese
Preserving reunions Family portraits by J.R. vanLeinman
Dating family photos

MRN They’re playing our song by Allison Weiser
Overseas Brats homecoming, Is your place in history?, Legion of Valor Museum, Reunions with a purpose, How many more reunions will there be?, USS Bigelow reunion,

Reunions! June through September 1998 Reunion Reveille, military reunions; RegisTREE, family reunions; Class reunions

Reunion Resources A directory of reunion friendly places, services, vendors and products


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