Vol 8 No 3

Spring 1998
Vol. 8 No. 3



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Reunion Scrapbook Contests & research, commemorations, Web links, searching, freebies, great places
Reunions! Reunion Reveille, military reunions; RegisTREE, family reunions; Class reunions
Reunion Resources Reunion retreats, a directory of reunion friendly places, services, vendors and products

Branch Office The other half of your genealogy: researching women
by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack

Alum&I Reunion recordkeeping: the union of data base and reunion
by Mark Binder
MASTERPLAN African American Family Reunion Conference — celebrating African American families
RSVP Subpeona your members!
70th anniversary highlights regular reunion

Great reunion places Arkansas, a state of reunion
Collage at an Arkansas reunion by Neva Barnes McMurry
Mad Anthony Wayne reunion by Suzanne Gordon
East goes west: Long Island class reunion in Montana by Doris F. Norrito
Preserving reunions Living trees, restoring heirlooms photographs
A decorative family tree by Kayte Rueth
Workshops are a unique reunion activity: New world at an old reunion by Richard E. Mooney;

A wife’s view of World War II reunions by Charlotte Kreipismann

FILLERS USS Ingersoll white glove affair, Buffalo Soldier, Korean War service metals

On the cover
The Ozark Folk Center, Mountiain View, Arkansas. features special regional crafts and entertainment. See page 18.


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