Vol 4 No 3

Spring 1994
Vol. 4 No. 3


Alum & I , by Paula Sheagley
Classy reunion tips
Branch Office , by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack, CGRS
1994 Genealogy conferences
Reunions Family RegisTREE

Clipped notes
Special class reunions — a 60th and one that went to Europe
Contests & Research
Inviting examples to exciting class reunions
Reunion Retreats
a directory of reunion-friendly places to stay

Origins by Rachel S. Rivers
Foundling beats impossible odds

African-American Family Reunions
Reunion incorporates Kwanzaa principles
by Carol Burnswith Tyrone Dumas
Colonial burial grounds discovered , by David Treadwell
African-American Family Reunion conference program
Family reunions — more than a picnic
family reunion traditions from African-American families; black cowboys; Old Settlers reunion

Great family reunions made relatively simple
by Beth Gay

Military reunion news
VBM-611 50th anniversary reunion
by Cpl. David Ferrier, USMC

A potpourri
Virginia Beach 50th anniversary D-Day re-enactment, Civil War descendents sought; D-Day
vet thank you dinners

4th Marine Division reunion
by Cpl. David Ferrier, USMC

Send in the (last) cavalry
by Gil Gilstrap, Military Editor

Military Stars
by Wes Roy
Make memorial services special

On the Cover
The McNair-Brazil-Scott family tops off its reunion with a grand banquet. See story on page 23.
Photo by Patrick Robinson.


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Contributing Editors
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Charles Cross
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Tyrone Dumas
Cpl. David Ferrier, USMC
William Lewis Gage
Beth Gay
Evalyn McLehan Glass
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LtCol Richard Johnson, USA (Ret)
Marion Blank Jones
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Mrs. Irving Pransky
Mike Rehorst
Linda Jones Risinger
Rachel S. Rivers
Wes Roy
Paula Sheagley
Dr. Joseph A. Shurn
O. John Taylor
Jean Timpel
David Treadwell
Ione Vargas, Ph.D
Rosa Redd Washington
Judy Lloyd Waugh