Vol 11 No 2

Winter 2001
Vol. 11 No. 2


Alum & I Why hire a professional reunion manager? by Debbie Patin
One out of 500 by Hartriono Sastrowardoyo
Memory book sparklers, Planet Alumni, mulit decade reunion,
Alumknights web page

Scrapbook Contest! Deadline December 31st
Workshop, heartwarming Christmas season tale, girls of summer,
reunion on the road, Christiana, Pennsylvania, Slave Rebellion of
1851 commemoration, great photo tips

Reviews B. Smith: Rituals & Celebrations, Memory Lane, 133 Fun Things
to do in Dallas Fort Worth

Branch Office Family legends and myths by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack
The 1900 census, Commemorations: Seminole County, Florida &
Detroit, Michigan and Essex County, Ontario, Review: My History
is America’s History

Reunion Resources A directory of reunion friendly places, services, vendors and

MasterPlan Family history entertains by Susan Persons Uecker
Lots of ideas from family reunions Sword, Finkbeiner,
Peterson/sen, Hairston, Hentila, Cagle, Vereen, Trice
Magnificent Manitoba reunion by Joan Airey

Reunion Venues Warm reunions in warm and cool winter places by Jacky
Can you go further east? by Edith Wagner
Four amigas on the Outer Banks by Karen Scanlon
Hospitality industry serves reunions!
Morelands meet in St. Louis by Kathie Sutin
Marriott offers more than a place to sleep by Mark
From Belarus to Kissimmee by Debby Rivera, CMP
POTOURRI Celebrate ethnicity! Arce, Macnamara, O’Brien, Parker,
celebrating Kwanzaa, Cornish Cousins, Yorkshire emigrants,
Swedish family research, a country wedding reunion
Time for reminiscing, a Christmas reunion by Julie Crea Dunbar
Global class reunion by Mary Terzian
RSVP Harmelink invitation, a font of hints and great ideas

MRN Heroines in Hobby Hats by Arturo Gonzalez
Caterpillars celebrate, WWII era movie festival, Korean War
Memorial, early war related mystery, reunions: 464th USAF Wing,
27th Troop Carrier Squadron, Atsugi Flyers

About the cover The Moreland family enjoyed a lively, successful reunion in
St. Louis, Missouri. Photo credit: Kathie Sutin


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