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Air Force

3 War Veterans (1941-2016) Reunion
For all who served on active duty during any three wars:
WWII KOREA-VIETNAM, the Gulf, Afghanistan or Iraq Wars
Cory Plykka, 1-888-454-3434; 3warveterans.com

Air Rescue Association (ARA) Reunion
Walt Hines, 334-272-7927; whinesiii@cs.com

6th Bomb Group 
Glenda Richards, 951 233-4516

7th Infantry Regiment Association (Cottonbalers)
Dave Jensen, djensen@mtnviewhospital.com; 256-485-5692; www.cottonbalers.com

7th Infantry Division, Fort Ord Veterans Reunion
Larry Lee Bruce, onehotfirefighter4u@gmail.com; 903-204-3216

8th AF 490th BG – Eye, England (1943-45)
Eric Swain, unit historian, Eric.490thBG@btinternet.com

8th Special Operations Squadron 100th Anniversary & Eagle Claw Memorial
Contact Email: jason@8thsosblackbirds.org

25th Infantry Division Association
Oct 11-18, 2020, San Diego, CA
Sarah Krause, PO Box 7, Floutown, PA, Fax: 215-366-5707, TropicLtn@aol.com
Website: 25thida.org

34th Bomb Sqd
Rod Breland; 5731 Hickory Ridge Blvd; Baton Rouge, LA 70817;
225-751-2058; rodbrel@msn.comwww.34thbms.com;

47 A&E RAF Sculthorpe England
Contact Jerry Michaud, 850-243-7570; JCMISSU563@aol.com

57th Alumni Association (TCS, MAS, AS & WPS)
Oct 15-18, 2020, Branson, MO
Woodie Hall, 239-850-1758; president@57thalumni.com

86th Fighter-Bomber Group (WWII) Association
Dallas E. Lowe, 850-319-3047; fighterbomberpilot@yahoo.com

91st Strategic Reconnaissance Wing (McGuire (1948-49), Yokota (1950-54), Barksdale (1950-51), Lockbourne (1951-57)
Includes members of 91PRS, 91SRS, 322SRS, 323SRS, 324SRS, 91ARS, FMS, AEMS, RTS, PMS, Sup Sq, Med Gp, AP Sq, Com Sq, HQ, 16PRS, 31SRS, 6091SRS, 91st Bomb Wing (1963-1968), 91st Space/Missile Wing (1968-Active), 91IS (Fort Meade 1993-2005), 91NWS (Lackland 2007-Active), et al. Also invited are members of the 91st Bomb Group (WWII) and Lockbourne AFB Reunion Group. Jim Bard, 3424 Nottingham Road, Westminster MD, 21157, 410-549-1094; JimBardJr@comcast.netwww.91stsrwa.com

317th Troop Carrier Wing Veterans Reunion, (all eras), open to all veterans who served in or under the 317th
Jim Timmons, 758 221st St., Pasadena MD, 21122; 410-255-2735;www.usaf317thvet.org;jimt0708@aol.com

366th Fighter Association Reunion
Open to all who served with the 366th or with one of its subordinate units, Squadrons and Support Elements of the: 366th Fighter Group, 366th Fighter Bomber Group, 366th Tactical Fighter Wing, 366th Fighter Wing, and those currently serving with the 366th Wing at Mt. Home.
Contact 366GunfighterReunion@gmail.com;www.366FighterAssociation.net

384th Air Refueling Squadron Reunion
Cheryl Schemanski, 384th ARS Secretary, cheryl.schemanski@us.af.mil; 316-759-4150

525th Fighter Interceptor Squadron Bulldogs
Contact: Frank Litt,817-294-1136; 525bulldogs@sbcglobal.net;
Website: 525fis.com

630th Military Police Company Vietnam – 1965-1972
Roger Petersen, 925-209-9500rogerapetersen@comcast.net.

815th TCS “Flying Jennies”, Ashiya, Japan, 1952 – 1960 Reunion
For information please visit https://c119flyingjennies815thtcs.shutterfly.com/ or you may contact: Rick or Kathy Eckhardt, scouter.eckhardt@gmail.com; 307-632-4252.
Room reservations can be made directly at http://bookings.ihotelier.com/bookings.jsp?groupID=1771573&hotelID=4651

A-37 Dragonfly Reunion
The Association is for anyone who flew, worked on, worked with, was saved by, or just has a high admiration for the great little A-37 ‘Dragonfly’ fighter.
Vic Grahn, President, 850-835-4495, Jerry Sailors, Secretary, 34/279-1317 or email Ollie Maier, newsletter editor and contact person, at Omaier@TxState.edu at your earliest convenience. A letter on the history of the association plus the latest newsletter will be sent to you.

Air Force Public Affairs Alumni Association 23rd Annual Membership Meeting, For all retired and active military and civilian members of the public affairs, broadcasting, band, and multimedia fields.
John Terino, 703 239-2704; johnterino@afpaaa.orgwww.afpaaa.org

ASA Okinawa Reunion
Sep 16-20, 2020, Columbus, GA
Jim Norrbom, 952-890-2384, jhnorrbom@aol.com

C123s in South East Asia Reunion
For crews and support personel for the C123s in S.E. Asia
Ms. Sue Rice, 417-872-9750; ricepad13@gmail.com

C-7A Caribou Association (Vietnam)
Oct 14-18, 2020, Orlando, FL- REUNION CANCELLED
Pat Hanavan, 210-479-0226; PatHanavan@aol.com

Cam Ranh Bay Air Base Reunion
All military personnel stationed at Cam Ranh Bay Air Base and families of those personnel.
Diana Westphal, dwestphal8@new.rr.com; 920-609-5672, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/156407821446646/

Desert Storm 25th Reunion

Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota
28th Wing Association invites all members of Ellsworth AFB, past and present.
Bob Regets, secretary, 315-406-9002; www.28thwingassociation.org

MCAS Nam Phong, Thailand “The Rose Garden”
Richard Koehnen, 619-840-2335, richkoe@cox.net

Navigation Cadet Class, during 1952 and 1953 @ Ellington Air Force Base
Charles Stearns, charles.stearns01@comcast.net

Pedro Rescue Helicopter (HH43) 
Len Shults, 334-273-9804; lebompa@charter.net

R.A.F. WELFORD 10th Reunion
Tina Speer 1062 Sholem Ln Sebastopol, CA 95472
engspee1@att.net; Cell: 707-484-2813

RED HORSE and Prime BEEF Association
2021, location TBD, 2023, Fort Walton Beach, FL
Dick Aldinger, (407) 859-7436, famdinger@aol.com
Facebook: RED HORSE
Website: rhpba.com

Sampson AFB (3650th Military Training Wing, Geneva, NY)
All basic training students and permanent party
Walt Steesy, PO Box 299, Interlaken, NY 14847
607-532-4204; SamAFBvet@aol.com

Shepherds Grove AFB 1950s
Willie Miller, wmiller35@hotmail.com

Stray Goose International ( MC-130 Talons in the Pacific) Reunion and Maynard’s 50th anniversary
Lee Hess, 850-240-0707, papasan@straygoose.org

USAF Aircrew Life Support/ Flight and Survival Equipment (USAF PE/ALS /AFE/SE)
Sep 21-25, 2020, Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino, Laughlin, NV
Andy Graves, 207 228 3350, Rummy54@yahoo.com

USAF Radar Station Veterans Worldwide
Lowell Woodworth, lgwdwrth@roadrunner.com

USAF Veterans Cruise
Jill Etter; usafveteranscruise@gmail.comwww.usafveteranscruise.com

WaADS/33rd Air Division/20th Air Division/Fort Lee Air Force Station Reunion
Robert L. S. Dilworth, 804-861-1203; rdilworth@comcast.net

Westover AFB Air Force Special Projects Production Facility (AFSPPF) Reunion
includes former members of the
8th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron,
497th Reconnaissance Technical Group,
6594th Test Squadron,
7405th Support Group, and
7499th Support Group

Dick Temple, 703-786-4743; commander77dt@aol.com

223 Entry Reunion, Royal Air Force, ex Apprentices
Robert Rodham, 078-031-7316; robert.rodham@idnet.com
The next one will probably be in the Halton area in 2021, this because it will be our 50th anniversary of joining the RAF.
Also it will be the last chance to visit Halton before closure in 2022.


767px-US_Army_logo.svgArmy Reunion Planners!
Visit Fairfax is offering a special early sneak peak at the National Museum of the Army September 5-8, 2019. Check it out now!

3 War Veterans (1941-2016) Reunion
For all who served on active duty during any three wars:
WWII KOREA-VIETNAM, the Gulf, Afghanistan or Iraq Wars
Cory Plykka, 1-888-454-3434; 3warveterans.com

1st Battalion 83rd Artillery (Vietnam 1966-1971)
Oct 11-14, 2020, Colorado Springs, CO
Bill Taggart, 8 Chew Lane, Sewell, NJ 08080
856-228-5614; artillery_83rd@yahoo.com

1st Battalion 158th FA, Oklahoma Army National Guard’s unit, stationed in Iraq as part of a Security Force (SECFOR) mission, between Dec 2005 & Dec 2006.

2nd Infantry Division

4th Battalion, 39th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division, Vietnam 1966-1969, Bear Cat and Dong Tam
Sep 24-26, 2020, Charlotte, NC
Jim Haines-303-809-1815; Lzbearcat67@live.com
or Alan Svendgard, 7401 W. Arrowhead Clubhouse Dr. Unit 1063, Glendale, AZ 85308; 402-619-7265

11th Airborne Division Association Reunion
Reunion details and registration form can be found at http://www.11airbornedivision.com/

11th Airborne Division Association Mid-Atlantic Chapter, and those former members of the 11th Air assault Division, and the 187th Airborne RCT for the annual Los Banos meeting.
Artie Heape 843-846-4693; artieheape@centurylink.net
or Herb Shapiro, 410-827-6410; hlshap@atlanticbb.net

13th Bomb Squadron Association
Sep 30- Oct 4, 2020, San Antonio, TX

24th Infantry Division Silver Anniversary of Desert Storm Reunion
Latest updates and itinerary: www.facebook.com/24thIDreunion
Chaplain Darrell Williams at 423-312-4752

25th Infantry Division Association and the 12th Evac Hospital
Sarah Krause, 215-880-0181; TropicLtn@aol.com
Facebook: 25th Infantry Division Association
website: 25thida.org

27th Infantry Regiment (The Wolfhounds) Historical Society
Roger Cates, 336-288-8404; fireandsteel227@icloud.com

57th Assault Helicopter Company, 13th Biennial Reunion
Detailed Reunion information go to www.57thahc.com and click on Reunion Tab in upper right hand corner.

88th Infantry Division and TRUST Troopers, Southeastern Chapter
Contact: Preston Bryant, 60 Quail Run Ct, Bamberg SC 29003
803 245-4462; plbtboat@atlanticbb.net
Robert L. McCall, 1005 Brook Ridge Circle SE, Huntsville AL
256 881-6325; robmccall@aol.com

101st Airborne Division Association Snowbird Reunion
Eddie Pissott, 813-454-3205; epissott@tampabay.rr.com.
Visit us at www.101fgcc.org or on Facebook at Snowbirds Reunion. Registration fees are waived for our 101st WWII veterans and spouses.

104th Infantry Division Reunion – National Timberwolf Pups Association
for Veterans, family and friends

National Timberwolf Pups Association, 1749 9th Avenue, San Francisco CA 94122
Andrew Lane President, NTPA, andrewben.lane@gmail.com; 973 896-3521

134th Assault Helicopter Company
Open to anyone that was in the 134th AHC or Detachments Companies regardless of rank. Family and their friends are also welcome.
Kirk & Marilyn Muth, 208-297-7730,
or Dick & Jo Sheehan, 208-891-4315;

173rd Airborne Brigade Association

174th Assault Helicopter Company Association
Charlie Doherty, 734-657-6874; cpdoherty67@yahoo.com or Dennis Fisher, 608-487-0480
(Last resort call Butch Elliott at 904-545-0377)
Facebook: 174th Friends, 174th AHC

227th Assault Helicopter Battalion Reunion of Vietnam Veterans
All members, guests and friends of the 227th Assault Helicopter Battalion are invited to attend.
Howard Burbank, chickenman@227ahb.org

385th MP Battalion, and 31st MP Detachment
Jerry Ratajczak, 843-236-0710; jracpd111@hotmail.com

471st Transportation Company Desert Storm Reunion
Brian Simms, 580-713-9864; brian151@hotmail.com

509th Engineer Company (PB) Vietnam 1965-1971
Jerry Sexton, 405-373-0354; lindasexton@sbcglobal.net
Facebook 509th Panel Bridge Company

516th Engineer Company (Bridge)-Hanau, Germany
Anyone who ever served in this unit Welcome.
Gene Ogletree, 243 Overstreet Rd, Swainsboro GA, 30401; 478-237-7159; geneogletree@bellsouth.net

548 Light Maintenance Vietnam Reunion
Richard Metz, 419-905-8175; richardmetz1946@msn.com

554th  Eng Vietnam Vets
Tammy Milam, 740-339-0553; tammymilam69@yahoo.com

630th Military Police Company Vietnam Reunion
For details, visit 630thmilitarypolicecompanyvietnam.org

Air Defense Artillery – Hawk Missileers Reunion
Calvin Bridges, 427 Spruce St, Spartanburg SC 29303; 864-583-2842; woodhouse_1@charter.net

ASA (Army Security Agency) Okinawa Association
Jim Norrbom, 952-890-2384, jhnorrbom@aol.com
Facebook: Torii Station

Bamberg Germany 125th FSB, HHC, A, B, C Co.
Charles Short Jr., 317-919-4598; stangscooter1@aol.com
Facebook Bamberg Germany 125th FSB, HHC, A, B, C Co.

Big Red One, Society of the First Infantry Division Reunion
Contact 215-654-1969; SFIDPA@gmail.com

Combat Infantrymens Association 
Membership Administrator, 825C Merrimon Ave, Suite 354, Asheville NC 28804; 828-490-9303; ciamemberapps@gmail.comwww.cibassoc.com

Early Vietnam Veterans Reunion
(formerly MAAG Vietnam Reunion Group)
Open to all branches of Service
Bill Pratt, 661 N Big Oak Rd NW, Malta OH 43758; 740-962-2666; maag16-411@embarqmail.com.

K Company 159th Aviation Regiment 2nd Reunion
Bridget D. Gatewood, 410-971-9642; kco159th@aol.com

Hawker Reunion/ US Army & Marine Corps – Missile Air Defense Veterans, (ADA, AADC, LAAM, LAAD, Etc.)
All Veterans of US Hawk Missile ADA invite All Missile Air Defense Veterans who have served with US Army & Marine Corps.
Francesca Dripps, 417-334-5678; francesca@militaryreunionsplus.com

KMCAS 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines – Communication Platoon
Ken Werner, (931) 397-1346, kwerner_33755@yahoo.com; https://www.facebook.com/groups/124766544844729/

Korea Defense Cold War “KDCW” Veterans Reunion, 6th Annual
This reunion is for ALL those who served in Korea at some time in their life, but of course the Reunion is open to ALL Veterans.
Contact 925-308-4337 or QM@7ida.us
Visit http://koreaveterans.us/ for all the details.

Lance Missile & MLRS Veterans Reunion
John Williams, 210-209-2000; jwilli9014@aol.com

OCS at Fort Knox, KY from 1965-1968, candidates and staff
Dan Leifel @ dleifel@frontier.com

767px-US_Army_logo.svgArmy Reunion Planners!
Visit Fairfax is offering a special early sneak peak at the National Museum of the Army September 5-8, 2019. Check it out now!

OV-1 Mohawk Association
Membership in the association is not required to attend.
For more information and to register please go to the association website: ov-1mohawkassociation.org

Society of the First Infantry Division, “Big Red One” Reunion,
Celebrating the 100th Birthday of the 1st Infantry Division

PO Box 607, Ambler, PA 19002
215-654-1969; SFIDPA@gmail.comsfid_kansas@gmail.com;www.1stID.org

USA SigC OCS Association
Richard Kerns, 4101 Helena Bay Ct, Hermitage TN 37076-3104;
615-391-0867 or 727-595-4070;
rkerns99@bellsouth.net (email preferred contact).

US Army Vietnam – 38th Annual Reunion
Dusters, Quads, Searchlights, Vulcans and HAWKs

June 2-7, 2020, Norfolk, VA
Bruce Geiger, 914-576-1050, bmgeiger@aol.comwww.ndqsa.com

Vietnam Guntruckers and all Transportation Units
(The Gathering)

John Dodd, 434-724-1469;  johndodd@centurylink.net
Kathy Blackstone, 936-239-3006; kblackstone5272@yahoo.com, Primary Coordinator
Web Site: www.vietnam-guntrucks.com
Face Book “The Gathering
Call Motel directly for reservations. Inn at Morro Bay, 60 State Park Rd, Morro Bay CA 93442
805-772-5651  Tell them you are with “The Gathering”.

Vinh Long Outlaws Association
Open to all former Outlaws, Mavericks, Bushwhackers, legacy units and support elements.
Jim Donnelly, jcdonnelly1@cox.netwww.vinhlongoutlaws.com


Coast Guard

3 War Veterans (1941-2016) Reunion
For all who served on active duty during any three wars:
WWII KOREA-VIETNAM, the Gulf, Afghanistan or Iraq Wars
Cory Plykka, 1-888-454-3434; 3warveterans.com

Early Vietnam Veterans Reunion
(formerly MAAG Vietnam Reunion Group)
Open to all branches of Service

Bill Pratt, 661 N Big Oak Rd NW, Malta, OH 43758; 740-962-2666; maag16-411@embarqmail.com.

Korea Defense Veterans Association Reunion
For any Veteran that served in Korea….Any Branch and Unit
Contact CBob Murphy, CRMurphy0714@gmail.com, 828-216-4347

Joint Services

3 War Veterans (1941-2016) Reunion
For all who served on active duty during any three wars:
WWII KOREA-VIETNAM, the Gulf, Afghanistan or Iraq Wars
Cory Plykka, 1-888-454-3434; 3warveterans.com

Desert Storm Reunion 25th anniversary (2014)
For anyone who was active duty during Desert Shield/Desert Storm
Jill Etter, desertstorm25th@gmail.com.

Early Vietnam Veterans Reunion
(formerly MAAG Vietnam Reunion Group)
Open to all branches of Service

Bill Pratt, 661 N Big Oak Rd NW, Malta, OH 43758; 740-962-2666;

Korea Defense Veterans Association Reunion

For any Veteran that served in Korea….Any Branch and Unit.
Pigeon Forge TN
Contact CBob Murphy, CRMurphy0714@gmail.com, 828-216-4347

Vietnam Vets Reunion 50th year Reunion
Lake Chelan, WA


3 War Veterans (1941-2016) Reunion
For all who served on active duty during any three wars:
WWII KOREA-VIETNAM, the Gulf, Afghanistan or Iraq Wars
Cory Plykka, 1-888-454-3434; 3warveterans.com

1st Battalion, 1st Marines Vietnam Reunion
Samuel Verdeja, Chairman, 952-303-1534; info@1stbn1stmarinesvietnamreunion.com
website: 1stbn1stmarinesvietnamreunion.com

1st Battalion, 5th Marines 10th Anniversary of Ramadi reunion
Master Sergeant Mansfield, D.J., PO BOX 788305, Palms CA 92278; david.j.mansfield@usmc.mil; 760-830-8989

A Battery, 1st Battalion, 11th Marines Reunion (Vietnam Era)
Peter Van Ryzin, 540-347-3267; vanryzin1@hughes.nethttp://a111reunion.com/

Aviation Boatswain’s Mates Association (ABMA) Professional Working Group Reunion
Contact ABMA Secretary LCDR (Ret) Doug Thornton, abma.secretary@gmail.com, www.abma-usn.org

Battery Adjust, 3d Bn, 11th Marines (all era’s)
Doug Miller, 402-540-9431, dwmiller48@gmail.com

H Co., 2nd Battalion, 26th Marine Regiment (Vietnam)
Bill Hancock, 2748 Moeller Dr., Fairfield, OH 45014
Home: 513-738-5446; Cell: 513-484-1797; hancockw@roadrunner.com

Desert Storm 25th Anniversary Reunion (2014)

Early Vietnam Veterans Reunion
(formerly MAAG Vietnam Reunion Group)
Open to all branches of Service

Bill Pratt, 661 N Big Oak Rd NW, Malta OH 43758; 740-962-2666; maag16-411@embarqmail.com.

Khe Sanh Veterans Inc, (Association)
All who served in that area of operation during the Vietnam War are welcome to attend.

President, Tom Eichler 773-625-2101, TEIC1448@AOL.COMKheSanh.org

Korea Defense Veterans Association Reunion
For any Veteran that served in Korea….Any Branch and Unit
Contact CBob Murphy, CRMurphy0714@gmail.com, 828-216-4347

Marine Corps Cryptologic Association
Sep 7 -10, 2020, Orleans Hotel, Las Vegas NV
Edgar Kitt, 702-454-1646, edgarkitt@earthlink.net

Marine Corps Engineer Association
Ken Frantz, 807 Carriage Hills Blvd, Conroe TX 77384
936-273-4830; frantz@consolidated.netwww.MarCorEngAsn.org

Marine Corps Force Logistics Command FLSG A/B Viet Nam Reunion
Contact Frank Miller, familler56@yahoo.com or Vern Snodderly, vasnodderly@comcast.net

MASS-3, 50 year, Vietnam Reunion

Parris Island, Platoon 3013, July 1967
July 21-26, 2020, Cedar Key, FL
Harry Hopwood, 352-493-1392, harryhopwood02@gmail.com

Third Battalion, Fourth Marines Association
Travis Fryzowicz, 732-921-1968; travisjfry@gmail.com
website: Thundering-third.org

USMC 3/3 OEF Battalion “America’s Battalion” Reunion
Cpl. Max Blades 3/3 Memorial Fund created in memory of Cpl. Max Blades
Vickie Y. Blades, 75267 N. River Road, Kentwood, LA 70444

USMC Platoon 2085, 50th Reunion
Richard J. “Pvt. Ears” Miskanis, 916-369-7573; rjmiskanis@att.net

USMC Vietnam Tankers Association, 11th Biennial Reunion
John Wear, 719-495-5998, or johnwear2@verizon.net
Visit the USMC Vietnam Tankers Association web site for a membership application and more information on the reunion: http://www.usmcvta.org

USS Inchon LPH/MCS-12 (10th Reunion)
David F. Fix, Reunion Planner, 131 Waypoint Drive, Lancaster PA 17603-5676; 717-203-4152; ussinchon@gmail.comwww.ussinchon.com

USS Hornet (CV-8, CV, CVA, CVS-12), 72nd Reunion
All Ship’s Officers, Air Groups, Crew, Marines and Families Welcomed.

Families are invited to take a more active role in running of the Association.
Sep 16-20, 2020, Buffalo, NY
Sandy Burket, Secretary, PO Box 108, Roaring Spring PA 16673-9817
(814) 224-5063, cell (814) 312-4976 or hornetcva@aol.com
Website for USS Hornet


logo_md_USNavalArmel-Leftwich150xUNITED STATES NAVAL ACADEMY Armel-Leftwich Visitor Center

52 King George Street, Annapolis MD 21402
410-293-8687, fax 410-293-3365


3 War Veterans (1941-2016) Reunion
For all who served on active duty during any three wars:
WWII KOREA-VIETNAM, the Gulf, Afghanistan or Iraq Wars
Cory Plykka, 1-888-454-3434; 3warveterans.com

American Association of Navy Hospital Corpsmen
Sep 23-26, 2020, Corpus Christi, TX
Eric A. St. Louis, 978-376-7049, easnh1@comcast.net

Amphibious Ships Reunion
Sep 21-25, 2020, Annapolis, MD
Skip Sander, 412-367-1376, ussrankin@aol.com

Aviation Boatswain’s Mates Association (ABMA) Professional Working Group
Doug Thornton, LCDR (Ret), thunderdjt@Gmail.comwww.abma-usn.org

CBMU-302 Reunion
Oct 15-18, 2020, Gettysburg PA
Tom Vandenberg, 509-520-5396; peggiev@pocketinet.com

DesRon 21 with USS Cogswell DD-651 Association
George Overman, 760-889-2216; Secretary@usscogswell.com; http://www.usscogswell.com

DESRON 30 Reunion
USS Cotten (DD-669)
USS Daly (DD-519)
USS Dortch (DD-670)
USS Gatling (DD_671)

June 11-13, 2020, Mobile, AL
Richard Myers, 404-508-3308; ramunlim@yahoo.com; desron30.org

Destroyer Escort Sailors Association – Virginia Chapter
Oct 23-24, 2020, Virginia Beach, VA
Walter Alexander, 540-353-5826, AlexanderAye@aol.com

Destroyer Leader Association
Aug 8-15, 2020, New Orleans LA
Mike Bugara, 401-635-8860; mjbugara@hotmail.com

Early Vietnam Veterans Reunion
(formerly MAAG Vietnam Reunion Group)
Open to all branches of Service

Bill Pratt, 661 N Big Oak Rd NW, Malta OH 43758; 740-962-2666; maag16-411@embarqmail.com.

Escort Carrier Airmen and Sailor Association Reunion

Korea Defense Veterans Association Reunion
For any Veteran that served in Korea….Any Branch and Unit
Contact CBob Murphy, CRMurphy0714@gmail.com, 828-216-4347

Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare (MIUW) Unit-112 /Inshore Boat Unit (IBU) -14
Dean Berkbigler, 573-513-0090; DeanDot@hotmail.com

Navy Medicine Rota Association
For all who serviced at the US Naval Hospital Rota, Spain.
Contact John Neff @ j1253@comcast.net

Naval Nuclear Power Unit, PM-3A
Bob Fort, 505-835-5358; forrobert1@gmail.com

Navy Nuclear Weapons Association
Don Schultz, 352-259-1403; donanddonna@centrylink.net

Naval Training Center Bainbridge
Arline Caliger, Kali8824z@Aol.Comwww.usntcb.org

Navy Postal Clerks Association (NPCA) Reunion, All former Navy Postal Clerks, from PCSA to PCCM (including reservists) members of the Logistics & Specialist Rating who were former Postal Clerks are invited.
Apr 26-30, 2020
For details and registration information see the NPCA website http://navypostalclerkassoc.org or contact Alan Hass, 717-226-1595; hassommno1@aol.com

NCB / NMCB- 40 (all eras) Reunion
Blaine Pickett, Wasp18Bee40@gmail.com; 615-957-7418

NSVA 5th All Seabee Annual Reunion
Troy Branch, 865-924-9023; nsva_island_x1tn@yahoo.com

Patron Four Five Association (VP-45), 15th Biennial Reunion
Visit the website for all of the details including sign up at:  www.vp45association.org
Please call or email if you have any questions!  Doug “Pooh Bear” Mitchell, President, 678-650-7500; poohbearmit@aol.com

PQT Reunion, submarines USS Picuda (SS-382), USS Quillback (SS-424), and USS Trutta ( SS-421)
Mike Wingeier, 1656 Akins Rd., Brighton TN 38011, 901-356-3107; 69cuda@rittermail.com

Radar Picket Ships (YAGR’S Association) Reunion:
USS Guardian AGR1, USS Lookout AGR2, USS Skywatcher AGR3,
USS Searcher AGR4, USS Scanner AGR5, USS Locator AGR6,
USS Picket AGR7, USS Intercepter AGR8,
USS Investigator AGR9, USS Outpost AGR10, USS Protector AGR11,
USS Vigil AGR12, USS Interdictor AGR13, USS Interpreter AGR14,
USS Tracer AGR15, USS Watchman AGR16, USS YR65, USS YR23

RTC (Recruit Training Command) Orlando Reunion
For all former recruits, Company Commanders, and staff who were stationed at RTC Orlando or NTC Orlando between 1968 and 1994.
Sep 29, 2020

Squadrons and Shipmates, Inc., 11th annual reunion
Open to all eligible Navy, Marine Corps, and other qualified veterans that performed regular duty aboard any Aircraft Carrier or Large Deck Amphibious vessels of the US Navy.
Al Wedemeyer, 859-689-7001; squadronsmates@aol.com


TACAMO Community Veterans Association Reunion
Visit  tacamo.org

USN ATA 202/USCG WMEC 202 Comanche
Joe V. Peterson, 253-227-9678, ata202@live.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/COMANCHE202
Website http://community.coastguardchannel.com/profile/COMANCHEWMEC202FOUNDATION

USS Abnaki ATF 96
Frank Cardoza, 916-893-3198; fcardoza76@yahoo.comabnaki76@gmail.com

USS Agerholm DD-826 Association
Joe Hrach, 602-431-1218; jhrach@gmail.com
Facebook USS Agerholm; https://ussagerholm.org

USS Ajax AR-6 Reunion
Thomas Judge, 830-745-2141; tjudge7673@sbcglobal.net; ussajaxassociation.org

USS Alstede AF-48 Reunion
Oct 17, 2020, Hanover MD
Larry Cohen, 718-761-2277; limbsh25@yahoo.com
Facebook: USS Alstede AF-48

USS Altair AKS-32
Dan Douglas, 203-966-1851; ddouglas@aol.com

USS Anchorage LSD36 Reunion 2020
Oct 2020 (dates TBD), San Diego, CA
Michael P McGrath, 619-750-6390; lsd36.com@gmail.com; http://lsd36.com

USS Ashtabula AO-51
Sep 20-24, 2020, Pensacola FL
Bryce Wilson, 816-289-6481, bry4517@yahoo.com

USS Aucilla (AO-56) Association
Apr 27-May 1, 2020, Residence Inn by Marriott, Daytona Beach Shores, FL
Anthony K. Flynn, 386-671-1988; TYGA11291@gmail.com

USS Barry DD-933
Larry Loss, 281-530-1122; larrydd933@yahoo.com

USS Belknap Association
Skip McCarroll, 703-922-6519; jsmccarroll@cox.net

USS Bennington CVS 20
Ronald W Christensen, 402-677-3413; ronc2@abbnebraska.com

USS Bexar (APA-237) Reunion
Steve Malloy, 1542 10th St, Bremerton WA 98337; 360-373-1093; ussbexar@comcast.net

USS Bon Homme Richard (CV/CVA-31) Ship Company and Air Groups & USS Bon Homme Richard (LHD-6)
Frank Pulliam, 2849 E Pine St., Deming NM, 88030; 417-684-1358

USS Bordelon (DD/DDR881) Reunion
C. DeWitt Peterson and Sonny Stowers, 804-356-3112
dpeterson53@comcast.net; Facebook Bordelon Shipmates and Families

USS Bradley (DE/FF-1041) Reunion

USS Bremerton Reunion
Thomas Bull, 541-548-4552; Tom.bull@lecpdz.com. or N. Polanowski, 585-365-2316; email-rpolanowski@stny.rr.com

USS Bristol DD857
Paul Ratcliffe, 570-698-7102, pd_ratcliffe@msn.com, www.ussbristol857.org

USS Brownson Association Reunion
Thomas Holcomb, 218-750-1533, ussbrownson1972@gmail.com

USS Bryce Canyon (AD-36)
Mike Nesbit, 9605 Derald Rd, Santee CA 92071; 619-562-5690; thenezz@cox.net.

USS Buchanan
Lou Proctor, lbproc@isotechnetworks.netwww.uss-buchanan-ddg14.org/

USS Camp DER-251
Gail Sweeden, 865-482-7981; gsweeden@att.net

USS Canopus
Oct 5-9, 2020, Savannah, GA
Francesca Dripps, 978-602-4450; francesca@vividplanningco.com

USS Carpenter Shipmate Association
New Orleans Reunion 2020 has been cancelled.

Gary Hogenmiller, 903-360-9375; garyclaudette@suddenlink.net

USS Carter Hall LSD-3, USS Catamount LSD-17, USS Oak Hill LSD-7,
Rylah Holm, 509-607-9021; raylah@aol.com

USS Charles S Sperry (DD-697)
Apr 30 – May 3, 2020, Albuquerque, NM
Gary Chesser, 662-323-5059, dd697wm@bellsouth.net

USS Cogswell DD-651 with USS Wedderburn DD-684
Jun 7-9, 2021, Bellevue WA
Contact George Overman, 760-889-2216, Secretary@usscogswell.com

USS Columbus (CA-74, CG-12, SSN-762)
Al Hope, 260-341-3615; hope4391@frontier.com.

USS Concord AFS-5, 4th biennial reunion
Contact Sherry or Jessica at 719-380-1412; sherry@acompletereunion.com
Visit  www.acompletereunion.com for details.

USS Cony DD/DDE 508, 38th Annual Reunion
Sep 9-12, 2020, Baltimore, MD
Cindy Michel, 352-275-8708, cam22469@yahoo.com

USS Corry DD/DDR 817
Patrick McGoohan, 732-363-1481; pmcgoohan@optimum.net
Facebook: USS Corry Shipmates, USS Corry Association

USS Cotten (DD-669)

Richard Myers, 404-508-3308; ramunlim@yahoo.com; desron30.org

USS Daly Reunion(DD-519)

Richard Myers, 404-508-3308; ramunlim@yahoo.com; desron30.org

USS Damato DD871 Reunion
Dan or Janie Ray, 766 W. Pinewood Ct., Lake Mary FL 32746,
407-323-5763; dgray55@cfl.rr.com

USS Decatur All Hulls are Welcome (DDG-31 — DDG-73 — DD-936 — DD-341)
Sep 10-13, 2020, Holiday Inn, Rosemont, IL
Art Scaccia, 815-922-5650; ajskasha@gmail.com

USS Dixie AD-14
J.T, Smith, Chairman, 107 Brookhaven Court, Gallatin TN  37066; jts912@att.net
Newsletter and roster: Jose Jimenez, jammeister54@yahoo.com

USS Dortch (DD-670)

Richard Myers, 404-508-3308; ramunlim@yahoo.com; desron30.org

USS Downes DE/FF-1070 Reunion
Shannon Metzger, 765-535-8133; ussdownesff1070@gmail.com; https://www.facebook.com/events/258947788202204/; www.ussdownesff1070.weebly.com

USS Dubuque LPD 8
For all Sailors and Marines who served aboard the 8-ball until her decommissioning in 2011.
If interested please send contact information to include name, address and email address to jeffsmith689@gmail.com.

USS/USCG Edisto AG89/AGB2/WAGB-284
 are invited.
Glenn Smith, PO Box 747, Miami FL, 32754; 321-269-5637; ussedisto@cfl.rr.comhttp://www.steadyeddy.org

USS England CG-22 Reunion
RJ Lundgren, 3208 Garden Ave., Des Moines, IA 50310
515-344-1901; stagehobo@aol.com

USS Enoree AO
All shipmates, spouses and their family members are invited and welcomed to attend!
Pre-registration is required to receive the event room rate, and to participate in planned tours, etc.
Gaye Cline-Schooler, 336-751-2777

USS Enterprise CVA(N)65 50 Year Reunion
Looking for members that served with me on board the USS Enterprise CVA(N)65 between the years of 1964 thru 1967 in the communications division (radio men).
Bob Couture; 508-864-9273; cooch106@gmail.com

USS Essex CV/CVA/CVS-9/LHD-2 Association 50th Reunion
Eugene Schmidt, 616-534-7170; schmidt.eugenej@att.net; www.ussessexassociation.com

USS Eugene A. Greene (DD/DDR-711) Reunion
Tom Weir, 15067 Beacon Ridge Dr., Seneca, SC 29678, 864-784-9655,

USS Fletcher DD/DDE-445 & DD-992 Reunion
Earl Faubion, 405-833-7372; dd445@cox.net; http://ussfletcher.org/reunions/2014.html

USS Forrestal CVA/CV/AVT-59 Association
Brian Forrester, 480-332-7294; brian@hcttravel.com

USS Francis Hammond (DE/FF-1067)
Tim Williams, 191 W Log Bridge Rd, Coventry RI 02816; 401-397-8555; email; www.ussfrancishammond.com

USS Frank Knox (DDR-742)
Vaughan Kruger, Reunion Coordinator, 4530 32nd Ave. West, Seattle WA 98199-1127; 603-466-6094; vaughankruger@yahoo.com

USS Franklin D. Roosevelt CVB-42/CVA-42/CV-42
USS Midway CVB-41/CVA-41/CV-41 (Squadrons and Shipmates, Inc.)
Assigned Squadrons including VA-12, VA-72, VF-151, VA-172 and over 115 other squadrons

Al Wedemeyer, 859-689-7001; squadronsmates@aol.com

USS Gatling (DD-671)

Richard Myers, 404-508-3308; ramunlim@yahoo.com; desron30.org

USS Gunason (DE-795)
Walter Hall, 363 Harris Ln, Freeman VA, 23856.
804-848-4221, email

USS Gurke (DD-783)
Thomas Stephenson, 2030 Lockwood Dr, San Jose CA 95132; 408-263-2836; dd783_reunion@tstephenson.comwww.ussgurke.org

USS Hanson DD/DDR 832
Carl Pearson, CDR CHC USN (RET), drlrac@gmail.com
Information will soon be placed on our website: www.usshanson832.org

USS Hartley (DE-1029) 
Marc Arsenault, 98 Oxbow Rd, Charlton, MA 01507; 508-248-5072;

USS Harold J Ellison DD 864
Phillip Fuller, 400 School House Rd., Chesapeake VA, 23322,
757-482-2885; indians1pjf@cox.net

USS Henry B. Wilson (DDG-7) Assn
Penney Marks 520-396-3996; pemarks@ddg7.com

USS Hoel DDG-13
John Helsley; 909-234-8238; uss.hoel.ddg13.2019reunion@gmail.com
Facebook www.facebook.com/groups/USSHoelDDG13/
website: https://sites.google.com/site/usshoelddg13site/home/reunion-info/reunion-2019

USS Holder DD/DDE 819
James Debarrios, ussholder_dde819@hotmail.com

USS Holland AS-32 Veterans Association Reunion
Tom Hamilton, 860-690-8797, tom48va@hotmail.com

USS Hollister DD-788 Reunion Association
Crew Members of ships that operated with the Hollister are welcome to join with us.

Sep 27-30, 2020, Radisson Hotel Branson, 120 S. Wildwood Drive, Branson, MO 65616
417-335-5767, (When calling, ask for the USS Hollister reunion block—reservations no later than August 27, 2020 to ensure the hollister rate)
Reunion Contact Casey Orr, 3132 Carlisle Circle, Marion, IA 52302
319-377-4759, cworr78@gmail.com, usshollister.org

USS Hopewell (DD-681) Association, 13th Biennial Reunion
All Hopewell shipmates and other sailors, family, and friends.
Oct 7-11, 2020, Waterside Marriott, Norfolk, VA
Doug Graybeal,douggraybeal@aol.com

USS Hornet (CV-8, CV, CVA, CVS-12), 72nd Reunion
All Ship’s Officers, Air Groups, Crew, Marines and Families Welcomed.

Families are invited to take a more active role in running of the Association.
Sep 16-20, 2020, Buffalo, NY
Sandy Burket, Secretary, PO Box 108, Roaring Spring PA 16673-9817
(814) 224-5063, cell (814) 312-4976 or hornetcva@aol.com
Website for USS Hornet

USS Houston (CL81) Reunion
John Benge, 606-877-5151; regulus64@windstream.net

USS Hughes DD410 (WWII)
Markey DuBose, 281-924-1352 or Cindy Ferrin at cferrin@pacbell.net

USS Huse (DE-145) Reunion:
Dave Perlstein, 7814 La Mirada Drive, Boca Raton FL, 33433; 561-368-7167 (res); 561-703-4772 (cell); usshuse@gmail.com

USS Inchon LPH/MCS-12 (11th Reunion)

David F. Fix, Reunion Planner, PO Box 6361, Nalcrest FL 33856-6361
717-203-4152; ussinchon@gmail.comwww.ussinchon.com

USS Ingersoll DD652/990
Oct 1-4, 2020, Charleston SC
Contact Clayton Bacon, 281-804-2268, gtppt3mc@comcast.net
Web http://members.tripod.com/USS_INGERSOLL_VETS/

USS Ingraham DD694 Reunion
Gregory W. Miller, 814-695-3246; gmamflyer@gmail.com

USS Iwo Jima (LPDH2/LHD7)
The Last Reunion for the USS IWO JIMA (LPH2/LHD7) SHIPMATES. For all Ships Company and Embarked Navy and Marine Corps personnel who were on board the LPH2 or LHD7.

Robert G. McAnally, 757-723-0317, yujack46709@gmail.com
Facebook: USS Iwo Jima LPH2/LHD7 Shipmates or USSIwoJimaShipmates

USS John S McCain, DL-3/DDG-36
Aug 8-15, 2020, New Orleans, LA
Peter Peterson, 321-952-2066; retep401@gmail.com

USS John Young Veterans Reunion
Jun 10-13, 2021, Galveston TX
Michael Trotta, 727-505-4222; reunion@dd973.org

USS Jonas Ingram (DD-938)
Pete Ventola, 28 Circle Dr, Rockaway NJ 07866
973-627-7491; pete.ventola@att.net

USS Joseph Strauss DDG-16
Contact Jim Hansen, 719-488-4443; jazhansen@msn.com

USS Kenneth D. Bailey (DD/DDR-713)
Apr 22-25, 2020, Houston TX
Ernie Pina, 401-333-1964; cpopina@cox.net

USS Keppler DD 765
Steve Mooney, 732 280 2949; kepplerdd765@gmail.com

USS Kirk FF-1087 Association
Sep 23-27, 2020, Hotel Elegante’ in Colorado Springs, CO!
Mike North, 816-797-5038; president@kirk1087.org

Patty Kelso, 913-677-1837; pattykelso@usslyspear.org

USS Lake Champlain (CVS-39)
Jim and Pat Brown, 386-279-7440; pat08527@aol.com
Facebook USS Lake Champlain Association

USS Laws DD-558 Reunion
Gene Farmer, 3 Holly Ln, Paola, KS 66071
913-294-4244, digefarmer@cebridge.net

USS Leonard F. Mason DD852
Sep 16-20, 2020, St. Louis, MO
Contact Frank and Sandy DiStefano, dd852reunion@hotmail.com

USS Lloyd Thomas DD/DDE 764 Reunion
Scott Sheffer, PO Box 37, Lamartine, PA 16375; 814-797-5458;

USS Lockwood Reunion
June 5-7, 2020, Las Vegas NV
Tom Schultz or Eric Bean, 417-239-5140; usslockwoodreunion@gmail.com

USS Long Beach CGN-9 Association
Richard Horowitz, 918-457-6312; Marinok1313@gmail.com
Facebook USS Long Beach CGN-9 Association

USS Lyman K. Swenson DD729 Sailors Association Reunion
Daisy Emrich, Reunion Coordinator, 775-530-4536; bobdaisydd729@aol.com

USS Manley DD 940 Breakaway Reunion
Phillip Fuller, 400 School House Rd., Chesapeake VA, 23322, 757-482-2885; indians1pjf@cox.net

USS McCain, DL-3/DDG-36
Peter Peterson, 321-952-2066; peteusna@aol.com

USS McCandless Reunion Association
John Capron, C/O Take Away Cafe, 400 Executive Boulevard, Elmsford, NY 10523
JCap02@aol.com; 914-419-9756; Reunion Association new website:


USS Midway Veterans Association (MVA)
For those who do not have internet access, please call Ron Pope / MVA Admin.

USS Mills DE/DER- 383 Reunion
Ben Laurens, 252-504-3733, nriver@ec.rr.com

USS Mississinewa AO144
Gordon Myers, PO Box 25568, Fort Wayne IN 46825; 260-466-1031; gojack68@att.net

USS Mitscher, DL-2/DDG-35
Aug 8-15, 2020, New Orleans, LA
Gary Marchido, 231-206-1665; garymarchido@aol.com

USS Moale DD 693 Reunion
Jim O’Donnell, 1785 Harlow Ave., Pueblo, CO 81006
719-542-7622; sylviaodon@aol.com

USS Monticello LSD35 “All Hands” Reunion
Robert Behm, 573-207-4670; beamer@ussmonticello.com

USS Neches AO-47 Reunion
Johnny L. Hanlon, 400 W. 31st Court, Sand Springs OK, 918-760-7371; johnnyhanlon@cox.net

USS Nimitz (CVN68) Association Reunion
Bill Paschall, 910-622-0518; bpldousnret@gmail.com
website: ussnimitzassociation.org
Facebook: USS Nimitz Association

USS Nitro AE-2/AE-23 Association Final Reunion
June 18-21, 2020, Nashville, TN
Bob Eberlein, ebb23@att.net; ussnitro.org

USS NOA DD-343/DD-841
Bob & Karen Barrie, USS NOA, Reunion Pres. Ship Historian
13757 Oak Forest Blvd. N., Seminole, FL 33776
727-289-6534; kmleone@snet.net

USS Norfolk, DL-1
Aug 8-15, 2020, New Orleans, LA
Geoff Patterson, 910-984-1184; geoffrey.patterson@yahoo.com

USS Northampton CA-26/CLC-1/CC-1
Contact John Gauthier, 2672 Royal Ridge Dr, Spring Hill, FL 34606
352-666-1779; thenorthampton@live.comwww.ussnorthampton.com

USS Oak Hill LSD-7, USS Carter Hall LSD-3, USS Catamount LSD-17
Rylah Holm, 509-607-9021; raylah@aol.com

USS Paul F Foster DD-964
Contact Kay Yoon, 800-992-0509

USS Perry AS-12 Association
George Planic, 847-665-9810; sperrypresident@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1492287267704120/
website: www.usssperryas12.org

USS Pocono AGC-16/LCC-16
Jack Myers, 1-765-210-1662; jmyers1064@aol.com

USS Power DD 839 Assoc. Reunion
May 18-22, 2020, Town & Country Inn & Suites, Charleston, SC
John Pinto, 352-527-2352; jpinto839@gmail.com
Facebook: uss power dd 839

USS Preston DD 795
John J Stringer, 516-328-8547, johnjr622@yahoo.com

USS Ranger CV/CVA-61, 33rd Annual Reunion
For all former crew members Squadrons, Marine Detachement and T.A.D.’S
Sep 30–Oct 3, 2020, Sheraton Norfolk Waterside, Norfolk VA
Contacts: Frank Thoms 975-595-6924,
Kevin Auriemma 973-625-3893,
Tom Ballinger 210-403-3302

USS Rasher Reunion SS/SSR/AGSS-269
Sep 16-20, 2020, LaPorte, TX
Richard Moore, 804-815-0730; drifterpilot@cox.net

USS Reeves DLG-24/CG-24 Reunion
Oct 8-12, 2020, Handlery Hotel, San Diego, CA
Thomas Bailey, 813-948-6574; tombailey@ussreeves.net
Facebook USS Reeves CG-24 USS Reeves DLG-24/CG-24

USS Rendova CVE 114 Reunion
Open to all those who served, spouses, widows, descendants and all patriotic supporters.

Way to connect: CFecaytour@aol.com
Reunion Organizers: Sue Foley (313) 758-9318 or Anthony Looney (855) 505-2469

USS Rich (DD/DDE 820) 24th Annual Naval Reunion
May 5-7, 2020, Kalamazoo MI
2021, New Orleans Area. LA
2022, MA
2023, Ligonier, PA
Each year the group meets at a different location in the east and mid-west and is hosted by a fellow shipmate.
The USS Rich Association is a fraternal-military group of former crew members from this Navy ship which served the nation for 32 years.  Of the thousands of men who were aboard at different times, nearly 1500 have been contacted.

USS Richmond K. Turner DLG/CG-20
Eric Miller, 8753 Edelweiss Rd, New Tripoli, PA 18066
610-285-2358; teempa@aol.comwww.rkturner.com

USS Ronquil SS-396
Aug 21-24, 2020, Tucson, AZ
Richard “OZZIE” Osentoski, 734-671-3439; ussronquil@yahoo.com

USS Rupertus (DD-851)
Peter Spoonhower, rupertusdd851@aol.com

USS Salisbury Sound (AV-13)
Aug 22-26, 2021, Holiday Inn Bayside Hotel, San Diego CA
Victor Fischer, 630-257-2710; Duffer664@sbcglobal.net

USS Sam Houston (SSBN/SSN 609), all Ships crew and Special Forces
Howard Dobson, 302-764-1197; howardvaldobson@verizon.net;

USS San Pablo (AVP/AGS-30)
Stuart Norris, 1463 Ayrault Road, Fairport, NY, 14450
585-223-2713; stuenormus@msn.com

USS Sellers (DDG-11)
Delta Hinson, 2901 Bamberg Pl, Virginia Beach VA 23453
757-615-7089; DLH@aol.comwww.usssellers.org

USS Shields (DD-596)
James H. Durough, ETN2, 62-65; 5470 South Shades Crest Road; Bessemer, AL 35022-4183; 205-425-9197; jimandevelyn@aol.com
Ship Web site: http://dd596.com/
Reunion Web site: reunionpro.com/sponsors/uss-shields-dd596

USS Shreveport (LPD-12) Inaugural Reunion
Open to all Shipmates and Guests
David Fix, 717-203-4152, David.Fix@ReunionPlannersPlus.com

USS Sperry AS-12
George Planic, sperrypresident@gmail.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/1492287267704120/?ref=group_browse_new

USS Spiegel Grove LSD32
Chuck Siedschlag, 52B Fiesta Ct, Appleton WI 54911-8451
715-851-5878 (Cell); 920-202-3269; 813-672-0733

USS Stickell DD888
Frank Joseph, 401-529-8721, fjoseph2@verizon.net

USS Stoddard DD-566, 32nd Reunion
WWII * Korea * Vietnam

Sep 16-19, 2020, Jacksonville, FL
Doubletree by Hilton, Jacksonville Riverfront
Bill Melyan, 27385 Tierra Del Fuego Circle, Punta Gorda, FL   33983
941-626-1593, keystonewillie@verizon.net

USS Surfbird (AM/MSF/ADG-383)
Don Gillispie, 3285 SW 176th Ave, Beaverton OR 97006;
503-649-4803; dongillispie@gmail.com

USS Swordfish SSN 579
Jerry Koebel, Charleston, SC, jakoebel@aol.com, 853-991-0773
George Hudson, Sheridan, OR, gdhudson@aol.com, 971-241-8858

USS The Sullivans DD-537/DDG-68 Association Reunion
Hosts, Hal & Nancy Burke, SullyDD-537@att.net; Hal: 708-387-7779, Nancy: 773-718-2800
237 Carlisle Ave., Westmont, IL 60559

USS Thomas C. Hart (DE/FF 1092)
Randy Groen, 952-220-8553, groenrandy@gmail.com
Facebook: USS Thomas C. Hart FF 1092

USS Tiru SS416 Reunion

USS Trenton LPD-14
Chris Bufford, 1119 County Rd 521, Cusseta AL 36582
334-756-8278; chrisbufford646@gmail.com

USS Turner Joy, DD-951
Details and registration: http://www.ussturnerjoy.com/
Richard D. Haight, Reunion Coordinator, rickh20136@verizon.net

USS Tutuila ARG-4 Association
Jorge Guerra, 210-372-0380; jjg16439@att.net

USS Van Voorhis (DE-1028), Dealey-Class DEs 
Marc Arsenault, 98 Oxbow Rd, Charlton, MA 01507; 508-248-5072

USS Voge 2020 Reunion
Oct 7-11, 2020, New Orleans LA
Jan Harris, 757-628-5505; USSVogeGroup@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/USSVOGE

USS Vogelgesang (DD-862) Reunion
Ron Savino, 703-474-3185, Ldobb@aol.com

USS Wahoo SS565
Jim Van Vranken, 707-696-2578; olfatman@sbcglobal.net
Facebook: USS Wahoo (SS565)

USS Waldron DD699 Alumni Association
Michael Montalbano, Sr., 813-977-9652; mike.montalbano@yahoo.com; uss waldron dd699.org

USS Walke (DD-723)
Sep 9-13, 2020, Grapevine, TX
Jack Meyers, 817-295-2677; outdoors2247@att.net
Facebook USS Walke (DD-723)

USS Walter B. Cobb (APD-106)
James G. Plough, 2307 Country Club Rd, Melbourne FL 32901-5808.

USS Wexford County (LST-1168) .
Larry Condra, 314-994-1187; wexford.county.reunion@aol.com.

USS Whidbey Island (LSD 41) Association Reunion
May 22-25, 2020, Fort Magruder Hotel and Conference Center, 6945 Pocahontas Trail, Williamsburg, VA, 23185
Bill Saccardi, Jamie Ridgeway, Group Sales Managers, Group Code: 052220USS
757-220-2250, bill.saccardi@fortmagruderhotel.com, jamie.ridgeway@fortmagruder.com
Facebook Groups usswhidbeyisland(lsd41)association

USS Wilkinson, DL-5
Aug 8-15, 2020, New Orleans, LA
John Lair, 619-479-7387; hobocamp@aol.com

USS Willis A. Lee Reunion
Aug 8-15, 2020, New Orleans, LA
Frank Graham, 718-934-6410; frankdl4@optonline.net

USS Windham Bay CVE 92
M.W. Steward; 210-495-4845, windhambay@aol.comhttps://sites.google.com/site/windhambay/Home

USS Witek DD/EDD 848
John Noonan, 570-427-4652; countryy@verizon.net
Facebook uss witek

USS Woodrow Wilson SSBN/SSN 624
Sep 3-7, 2020, Westin Washington Dulles Airport Hotel, Herndon, VA
Melvin Cross, 360-271-9830; mcross@telebyte.com

USS Worden (DLG/CG 18)
Dennis Royer; 717-773-9223, dlg18@dejazzd.com
Facebook: USS Worden CG18

USS Yancey AKA-9
George Clifton, 9620 Mansfield Ave, Oak Lawn, IL 60453
708-425-8531; clifs@ameritech.netussyancey.com/

USS Yellowstone AD 27
Sept 21-23, 2020, Branson, MO
Karen Bowen, 352-208-5400, usnad27@gmail.com
Facebook USS Yellowstone AD27

VP8 (Patrol Squadron Eight) Alumni Association Reunion
Contact Assn. President Dick Scotti at navy9crew@sbcglobal.net
or Carolyn Magee, newsletter editor, cpm38@bellsouth.net; 601-731-7600

VQ Association (VQ1, 2, 5, 6 and NSG all eras)
Oct 11-15, 2020, Warwick/Providence, RI
Ron Jarabak, 813-390-3790, broken3@outlook.com

YAGRS Association
May 19-23, 2020, Colorado Springs, CO
Lee Doyel, 850-433-6930, yagrs16@cox.net



Berlin Brats Reunion, All Classes- All Years of Berlin American High School
June 4-7, 2020, Seattle, WA
June 7-14, 2020, Cruise to Alaska post-Reunion (must book now)
Jeri Glass, 623-764-1105; BerlinBrats@gmail.com
Facebook: BERLIN Brats Alumni Association

Berlin American HS (Berlin Brats)
Jun 10-13-2021, Seattle WA
Contact Jeri Glass, 623-764-1105; BerlinBrats@gmail.comwww.BerlinBrats.org.

Izmir, Turkey Former Residents, 1950-75
Karl-Michael “Hollywood” &/or Lynell Sala, 765 Montclair Dr, Santa Rosa CA 95409-2865; 707-539-7546; 707-291-0059; http://groups.msn.com/IzmirTurkeyResidents195075

Kansas Veterans and Family Reunion
Facebook: ksvetsreunion
Websites: http://kvfr.usksvetsreunion.orgwww.ksvetsreunion.com


1/7 cav 1st cav Division ‘Desert Storm Veterans.’
Date to be announced, Branson West MO
Tom Gdovin, 417-338-2141; email

Graduating 3rd Battalion Platoon 3327 Paris Island Mid 1970’s.
Just searching for anyone who was in that platoon. DI’s were SSgt Dunton, Sgt Lamantia, Sgt Frush, SSgt Rivera. Contact: Gino Raymond, Bogiesonyour6@aol.com.

3D Target Acquistion Btn, 25th Artillery-B-BTRY. 1964-65, Ft. Chaffee AR, Ft. Sill OK. Charles J. Bukovec, 10079 Quarry Rd, Amherst OH 44001-2943, 440-986-8687.

7th Div., 31st Field Art. B. Battery No 3 Gun, 1950-51.
Leroy L. Shook, 3818 Briery Rd. Keysville VA 23947; 804-736-9088.

10th Div Support Groups.
Ray Martineau, 387 Boynton St, Bedford NH 03110; 603-622-6243; email

52D Fighter Wing (air force), Mitchell Field NY, McGuire AFB NJ or Suffolk AFB NY for a possible reunion. Lew Crispell, email

7th/15 Arty.(1964 –1966).
Allen Ward, email

86th Airlift Wing
Public Affairs office is in search of stories, photos and comments about memorable experiences from former military/family members, Host Nation employees, DoD civilians and NATO employees who have were assigned to RAB between 1952 and 2001. or mail your information to 86th AW/PA, Unit 3200, Box 330 APO AE 09094 or call (49) 06371-47-9197; email

105th Airlift Wing.
The Association is attempting to locate former members of the New York Air National Guard’s 105th Airlift Wing and its predecessor units (including the 105th Fighter Group, 105th Airlift Group, 105th Tactical Air Support Group, 137th Fighter Squadron, 137th Airlift Squadron). Chief Master Sergeant Richard F. Saddlemire, USAF, Retired, or Col. John E. Perez, USAF, Retired, One Militia Way, Newburgh NY 12550-4053.

665th Ordinance Ammunition Company, redesignated as 665th Ordinance Aviation Company, redesignated as 665th Aviation Fighter Company.
Looking for any information relating to the above United States Army military units. Robert D Peterson, 1215 Moss Ln, River Ridge LA 70123-2743; email

AF Cadets Class April 1944 (44D) and former P-38 P-39 P-40 Pilots
Sam Felser, 806 Rigel Lane, Foster City CA 94404; 650-573-9261; email

306th Airdrome Squadron, 64th Service Group, 5th Army Air Corps, WWII, South Pacific Theatre, where are you? I am looking for members who served with my dad, Carl Westbrook, on Noemfoor Island, New Guinea, in 1944. Family members of these veterans also welcome to respond. I am looking for information about a picture that I have of my dad holding a rifle in a jungle setting with other men in the background and any other info about the Squadron. Please contact me via email Norm Westbrook.

B29A Tail # 44-86343 ‘Wolf Pack’
Looking for anyone that may have info on B29A Tail # 44-86343 ‘Wolf Pack’ or knew any of the crew members (there were 2 B-29s with that name) this one was shot down 13 Sep 52, over Suiho Hydro Plant. 307th Bmb Wing/371st Bomb Sq-One survivor, A1C Fred Parker Jr., POW, released in Big Switch. In 1954 crew status changed from MIA to KIA. One of the crew members, Jimmie Rowland Hobday, AF#17329984, tail gunner, was my father. If you remember anything about this incident or have any referrals or info. Please contact Dane Hays at 928-284-2708 or email

Headquarters Company, US Army Garrison Toul Post (1960-1962). David R. Davies, 1205 Dunn St #4, Portage WI 53901; 608-742-4682.

NSD3149 AND SRB3864.
Phillipines. email

USS Kirkpatrick DER-318Seeking former crew members of this North Atlantic Radar Picket ship for 1st reunion. George Kingston, 1611 Woodbridge Circle East, Foley AL 36535-2267, 334-943-7823.

USS Neshoba APA-216
Looking for shipmates for newsletter and reunion.
Ray Allen, 10705 N Fairview Rd, Spokane WA 99207.

NTS 1936 Graduating Class. Seeking Graduates.
Jackie Riley, 6081 Chad Dr, Newcastle CA 95658, 916-663-2933, email

USN Boat Pooll 11.
I am seeking former shipmates who served on the island of Bougainville, 1943-44, USN Boat Pooll 11, Advance Base 7. Clyde R Meyers, Jr, 337 Janmar St, Denham Springs LA 70726; 225-664-4786; clydemeyers@yahoo.com

USS Louisville CA-28, 1943-1947
Seeking crew members for reunion.
Jack Bland C/O S. Friies, 559-271-8506; ronfname-sales@yahoo.com.

VP-45 Association seeking ex-PELICANS.
C. B. Caldwell, 1061 Arnold Way, Alpine CA 91901-2721; email

Military Reunion Planner Workshops

The Military Reunion Network
Contact Sharon Danitschek, 425-501-1430

logo_YMRC_200x72Your Military Reunion Connection, otherwise known as ‘YMRC’, is a networking and support organization of military reunion groups and the organizations that serve them.

YMRC seminars and FAM tours are offered nationwide. Our services encompass education, information, and networking. Whether you are a new or seasoned planner, YMRC is your resource for planning your next military reunion. We will put you in contact with key people at whichever destination you are considering for your next reunion and provide scheduled face-to-face appointments with exhibitors in a marketplace format.
For more information and to register go to www.ymrc.net
Questions? Email us at ymrcusa@gmail.com or call 772-321-8535

Other places to post upcoming military reunions

American Legion Magazinehttp://www.legion.org/reunions


The Retired Enlisted Associationhttp://www.trea.org/