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A Listing of Upcoming Family Reunions

3 Sisters Family Reunion
Alexia Williams, 3Sistersfamreunion@gmail.com

7 Lines Strong Family Association Reunion:
Chandler, Collins, Coston, Johnson, Savage, Upshur & Walker

Lois – LOisAS2003@aol.com

Agee-Miller-Mayo-Dungy Reunion (AMMD All Stars 2021)
Aug 20-22, 2021, Cumberland and Farmville VA.
Sonja Branch-Wilson, 804-767-8060, ageemillermayoreunion@gmail.com

ALAFFFA Family Reunion
Lisa Alzo, lisa_alzo@hotmail.com

Allen Family Reunion
Dennis Lewis, PO Box 360426, Strongsville, OH  44136
440-572.3472, allen@condohome.nethttps://allenfamreunion.wordpress.com/

Allen/Smith Family Reunion
Linda Golden, 912-978-8683; lindag30467@yahoo.com
Facebook: Allensmithreunion

Alexander Family Reunion
Angela Felts, 912-255-0130, angelafelts47@gmail.com

Alexander Family Reunion, Descendants of Clement Alexander
Joann Alexander, 678-592-1531

Allison Hinton Family Reunion – Descendants of William & Delia (Hinton) Allison
Jul 2020, Chicago, IL

Ashley Family Reunion, Descendants of Howel Ashley of Surry/Yadkin County, NC
Nancy Holecek 540-226-0636, nancyholecek78@gmail.com

Ashley Family Reunion
Shirelle Peterson, esp2827@gmail.com

Ashley-Brown Family Reunion
Shelanda Brown, shelbrown@hotmail.com

Ashley, Cook, Rambo Family Reunion
Mary Rambo-Wright, 318-894-2137; trentmary6@gmail.com

Austin-Withey Family Reunion
Marilyn Thayer, 315-963-7021, marilynthayer@verizon.net

Aydelotte Family Reunion
Janice Griffin, 314-302-7964, jygriffin@sbcglobal.net

Baez Family Reunion
Serafina Rosado, 321-216-7366; isara1218@hotmail.com

Baker (G L) Family Reunion
Shanetta Thornton, 504-400-4034; sthornton172@gmail.com
Facebook: GLBFamily

Baldwin Curtis Hunter Bolden Family Reunion
Jul 16-19, 2020, Charlotte, NC
Sheri Stephens-Lewis, 704-605-1107; sstephenslewis00@aol.com

Banks Family Reunion

Barnes Family Reunion
Sara Jurgens, Sarajhankins@gmail.com

Baskerville-Whitthorne Family Reunion

Baxter Family Reunion
Pearl Baxter, 38 Dant Street, Sumter, SC 29150

Baylor Family Reunion
Marcia, 609-334-8137, marciajbwf@gmail.com
Dee, 609-638-7342, dimetriac@yahoo.com
Moniquea, 609-532-1209, mzmona36@gmail.com
Tyreka, 609-858-8923, tyrekat83@gmail.com

Beasley Family Reunion 2020
June 19-21, 2020, Shreveport, LA
Willie Beasley, 415-955-7111

Beauty Clark Reunion
June 12-14, 2020, Albany, GA
Tangela Parks, 229-291-6743; tangelaparks69@gmail.com

Bell-Ransom Family Reunion
Aug 7-9, 2020, Jackson, NC
Jacqueline Bell Pyatt, j3rpy@aol.com
Facebook Bell-Ransom Family Reunion

Bennett, Boyd, Edwards, Jackson and Washington (BBEJW) Family Reunion
Cassandra Harris, 823-655-2798; bbejw2019@gmail.com

Benrud Family Reunion, Descendants of Peder and Anne Soffie
Iris Orthrow, irisothrow@aol.comwww.benrudfamily.org

Bernard Family Reunion
Linette Fielding Roach, 713-823-8185; linette.roach@sbcglobal.net

Bird Family Reunion
Pat Siracuse, patsir505@gmail.com

Bishop Family Reunion, Descendants of Thomas and Mary Alice Bishop
Charlene Miller, 2320 32nd Ave North, Birmingham, AL 35207
205-908-6410; charlene.miller07@gmail.com

Black Family Reunion
Tanya, 563-265-9102; miltonlatanya37@gmail.com
Farrow, 334-328-1936; faralaylee@gmail.com
Patrina, 334-233-6469; tlee405@bellsouth.net
Talia, 309-644-9647; talia.moss79@yahoo.com

Bluiett-Griffin-Williams Family Reunion
G’Ahynne Hawkins, PO Box 4851, Chicago, IL 60680
312-221-5997; gahynne@gmail.comwww.bluiettgriffinwilliams.org/

Bolden Family Reunion
Anita Manns, amannsrn@sbcglobal.net
Facebook: Bolden Family Reunion
Bonilla Family Reunion
Spring 2021, Porterville CA
Contact Rachel Bonnilla, rachelpederson201@gmail.com

Booker Family Reunion, Descendants of George Washington Booker and Mary Elizabeth Brown Booker of Dillwyn, Virginia
Joyce Green, 614-252-5959; ms1jbg@sbcglobal.net
Facebook: Booker Family of Dillwyn VA

Bowen Family Reunion, Descendants of Ella and Colonel S. Bowen of Alabama
Lyntovis Cotton; 937-321-7247; Lync7@icloud.com

Bridges Family Reunion, Descendants of James and Ella Bridges
Empress Boyer, 404-849-4514; bridgesfamilyreunion@yahoo.com
Facebook Bridges FamilyReunion

Britton Family Reunion, Descendants of Willis & Nina Britton
Jul 4, 2020, Shreveport, LA
Angelique Besant, 318-837-2610, vonsil@hotmail.com

Broadnax Family Reunion
Vicky White, victoriouswhite@hotmail.com

Broady, McCall, Dixon, Johnson and Matherson Family Reunion.
Contact Nichelle, nburns1860@gmail.com

Brock Family Reunion
Annette Clark, 512-618-0198; clarka71@yahoo.com
Facebook: The Brock Family

Brooks Family Reunion
Jul 2020, Tampa, FL
Vivien Woods, 404-680-6797

Brown Family Reunion
Descendants of Rev John B Brown, Sr and Perlee Williams Brown of Many, Louisiana
2021, Las Vegas NV
Contact Gertrude Roby, 913-342-0865, groby200@gmail.com

Brown Family & Friends Reunion
Wanda Brown, wbrown99@aol.com

Brown Family Reunion
Shirley Dennis, 601-870-3065; sbdennis2003@yahoo.com

Brown Family Reunion
Welcoming all Descendants of Wash (Washington) & Malissa Brown
Roxie Branch; rabranch@carolina.rr.comwww.thebrownfamilytiesreunion.tk

Brown, McPherson, Pinto, Hulton (MBPH)Family Reunion
Tanya Dozier, tdoz38@yahoo.com

Brown/ Randolph Family Reunion
Fran Dale, 4695 Riveredge Cove, Snellville 30039; 818-455-6290

Brubaker Family Reunion
Descendants of Hans, John and John Jacob Brubaker.
Sharon Hines,  sjhines@comcast.net

Bruce-Love Family Reunion
Lolita Wallace, 317-370 858
Facebook: Bruce-Love Family

Brundage/ B Family Reunion
Anna Brundage, 703 Vandalia Ave, Brooklyn NY 11239
347-356-5463; acb_anna@yahoo.com

Bryant’s Family Reunion
Elaine Rogers, 904-446-0432; elaine0727.er@gmail.com

Bugg Family Reunion
Welcoming all Descendants of Frank Bugg & Louisa Yeldell of South Carolina

Rodney Carson, rodamster@aol.com

Burgess-Fulmore-McKenzie (BFM) Family Reunion
Jul 3-4, 2020, Lake City & Coward, SC
Sharon V. Hannah-McClam, BFMFamily@aol.com

Burney-Burnett Family Reunion
Kathy Hunter, 770-312-9571, kahunter@comcast.net

Bush-Watson Family Reunion
Tamari Lewis, 254-654-3037; tamaridance@gmail.com

Butler-Williams Family Reunion
Shasheen McCarthy-Gordon, Shasheenm@hotmail.com

Butts Family Reunion
Jul 23-25, 2021, Cleveland, OH
Francine Lawson, 216-632-3634; cinecine1966@gmail.com

Capers Family Reunion
Mary Williams; 803-759-5607; carolina48@gmail.com

Cargill, Caldwell, Harris & Williams Family Reunion, 25th
Descendants of Matt and Millie Cargill and Lee & Louisa Caldwell 

Lydia Williams, lwilliams5.cjw@gmail.com
Website:  It’s All About Love!

Carter Family Reunion
Equoya Harper-Cotton,1191 Summer Way, Pittsburg CA 94565; 925-261-1123; eharpercotton@comcast.net

Case/Harvey/Tillett – Gallop/Overton/Dixon
Our Big Happy Family Reunion
Contact: Josephnphyl@gmail.com

Calkins Family Association Reunion, Descendants and friends of Hugh & Ann Calkins (1603-1690) are welcome.
2021, Location TBD
Contact Jean Kent: 2859 Normandy Circle, Naperville IL 69564; dkent50@gmail.com
FB page

Caywood Rutherford Family Reunion
Arthetta Reeder, 815-729-9666; Are2608196@aol.com
Facebook Caywood Rutherford Family Reunion

Cecil-Bowen Family Reunion
Contact Dr. Annette Shelton, 415-244-3529; annetteshelton@peoplepc.com
Facebook Cecil-Bowen Family Reunion

Chandler Family Reunion
Jacqueline Lewis, 662-420-5447;
Facebook Chandler Family

Charles Family Reunion, descendants of Joseph and Annette Charles
Facebook Joseph and Annette Charles Family Reunion
Adreann Leufray-Belle, 336-710-1481, abelleve@yahoo.com

Clark Family Reunion
Brian Cunningham, 678-656-5587; clarkfamily2018@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1834487180127558/?ref=bookmarks

Coe Family Reunion
2020, SC
Carolyn Poole, 509 Icoe Lane, Darlington, SC 29532;

Cohen Ballenger Lindsey Family Reunion
Tasha Lindsey, 215-954-2462, tashamarielindsey@gmail.com

Coleman Family Reunion
Contact Loretta Wilkerson 502-664-4136 or Isaiah Evans 502-650-4550.

Coleman-Durham Family Reunion
Shasta Coleman, 901-644-3157, rejoicetravel@rocketmail.com,
Facebook: Coleman-durham family reunion.com

Coleman & Laster Family Reunion
“Taking it Back to Our Roots.”
D.Duane Coleman, 310-686-8484; Coleman.Laster.Family@gmail.com;www.ColemanLasterFamilyReunion.com

Collier Family Reunion
Descendants of Ludia Collier-Sampson & Albert Collier
ShanHall, Collierfamilynews@gmail.com

Collins Family Reunion
Charlene McBride, 336-588-2061, mcbridecharlene54@gmail.com
Facebook: Collins Reunion

Collins Family Reunion
Carolyn Dailey, 713-858-1008; cdaphanie@msn.com

Colston Billups Family Reunion
Twanna Nelms, 12-865-7329, Twazay@gmail.com

Cooper Family Reunion, descendants of E. Cooper
Contact Saunia Cooper, 252-571-2200; Kaysakidemy@yahoo.com or Quoteshia Hargett  757-667-8618

Cotten, descendants of William Fletcher and Martha Roundtree Cotten
Jun 9-11, 2021, TX.
Sasha Walters, 325-812-2750, ablessedmom@gmail.com.

Cousins Reunion
Contact Virginia, 347-645-8398; vlovely491@gmail.com
Facebook: The cousin of s.c.

Cox Family Reunion, 40th annual
Arica Ellis, 615-306-3387; acdjs@comcast.net

Craft Family Reunion, for relatives of the Lewis J. Craft and Mamie E. (Anderson) Craft, Anderson, Pevehouse and Adrian families.
Ellen Craft-Phillips, emplap@gmail.comwww.facebook.com/lewiscraftreunion/

Crawford Family Reunion
Keisha Ellis, 251-423-3033; 2020Crawfordreunion@gmail.com

Crawford Family Reunion
Ernestine Gant, 214-951-6390; thegantgroup@outlook.com
website: crawfordfamily01.com

Crier-Perkins Family Reunion
Summer 2020, New Orleans, LA
Hershal Washington, 770-823-8511, washtwo50@gmail.com

Criswell Family Reunion
Kathy Conley, 479-573-0524; krconley@cox.net
Facebook Criswell Family

Crump-Moore Family Reunion
Marie Quaker, 313-530-0065; dsop22@yahoo.com
Facebook: Crump Moore


Davenport Family Reunion
Nicole Newman, 209-662-4881; nickyrenee44@yahoo.com

Daniel Webster Smith Family Reunion
Teresa Ortega, 910-330-5057; DanielWebsterSmithDescendants@gmail.com

Davis Family Reunion
Taunda Edwards, 641-715-3900 (Ext. 598391#) davisfamilyatlanta@gmail.com

Dean and Creech Family Reunion
Sep 6, 2020
Lloyd Dean, 6770 U.S. 60 East Morehead KY 40351; 606-784-9145

Dean-Moore Family Reunion
Norma K. Dean, 8535 Ward St, Detroit, MI 48228; normakdean@aol.com

Denison Day – Denison Society Family Reunion
Julie Soto, PO Box 42, Mystic, CT  06355
860-536-9248, julie@denisonhomestead.orgwww.denisonhomestead.org

DeShazor/DeShazer/DeShazier/DeShazior/ 21st Biennial DDDD Family Reunion
Glenda Deshazier-Nelson, fourdfamilyreunion@aol.com; 870-329-4043

Destefano/BostJanic Family Reunion
Pattie (DeStefano) Ritchie, 215-491-2028, gmomxoxo@gmail.com:
Facebook: pattie.ritchie

Dewitt/Chestnut Family Reunion
iris Mack, 804-248-4794; yourdcreunion@gmail.com

Dixon Family Reunion
Jul 2-4, 2020, Fort Worth TX
Catherine Dixon, 503-515-1655; sweetcat61@hotmail.com
Facebook: dixon family 2020

Doggett Family Gathering, Descendants of James and Berta Doggett
Tonya Doggett, 901-581-0445; realtor4un04@aol.com

Draughon Family Reunion
Renetta McEachern, 919-295-2638; draughonfamily@hotmail.com
Facebook DraughonFamily

100th Drury Family Reunion, descendants Elijah Drury
Aug 8, 2021, Cranesville PA
Contact Rochelle Lutz, 181-472-5212, raelutz@aol.com

Eans-Jackson-Samuel Family Reunion, Descendants of George and Georgianna Holliman
Shonda Scott, Eansjacksonsamuelfamilyreunion@yahoo.com

Easley Family Reunion
Tiffany Barrett, 2006 Ruffin Road, Richmond VA, 804-393-4838

Edwards Family Reunion, Descendants of Robert and Sallie Joyner Edwards
Jewyl Edwards Dunn
919-612-2727; Edwardsfamilyreuion1934@gmail.com
Facebook Robert and Sally Joyner Edwards Family Reunion, Inc.

Edwards Family Reunion
Janet Carr, 205-542-7241, Jandcarr@hotmail.com

Edwards’s Family Reunion (also called The 9 Sisters Reunion)
Bambi Davis, 330-285-6209, couldberabbit1959@gmail.com

Edwards-Powell Family Reunion
Eureka Ross, 512-925-3781; eurekaross@yahoo.com

Ellington Family Reunion
Hosted by: James and Regina Ellington
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ellington.ellington.94

Elmore Family Reunion
Sharon Davis, 740-821-4727, sharondavis56@yahoo.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/490108621335444/

Emerson-Smith Family Reunion
Kiwanis Bishop, 317-903-5775; kiwanisbishop1979@gmail.com

Enoch Family Reunion, Descendants of James and Miranda W. Enoch
Keri Enoch, reunion secretary, 336-684-9121; auntieboo28@yahoo.com

Evans Family Reunion
Tommy Evans, 1tommyevans@gmail.com

Evans Family Reunion
Katherine Evans, 216-956-0764; katazooba@sbcglobal.net

1 Evans Family Reunion
Marie Smith, 910-261-4208; gdaytravel@yahoo.com or George & Doris Purdie,
407-462-1370; Website: 1evansfamilyreunion@sfly.com; Facebook c/o Agnes Marie Evans Smith.

Evans Family Reunion
Rubye Evans, 302-674-3330; bereal55@aol.com

Evans Family Reunion
Lether Evans,
619-894-0451; nilequeen01@hotmail.comFacebook.com/EvansFamilyReunion

Evans-Smith Family Reunion
Jul 10-12, 2020, Atlanta, GA
Kimberly Lawson, 678-508-9873; km_evans@yahoo.com

Fairley & Foskey Family Reunion
Sandra Lyon, 601-728-2743, fairley-foskeyreunion@yahoo.com

Families United Reunion
Anglie Miller, 336-263-7698, 1familiesunited@gmail.com

Felder Family Reunion
Paula Handberry, 910-729-4767; Treasuredmoments22@yahoo.com

Farley Family Reunion
Tracy Sizemore, 219-671-9632, tracy.duvall@yahoo.com

Fells Family Reunion
Angie Fells, 773-315-0927; Kiaraalf@aol.com

Fenderson Huff Family Reunion
Shaquetta Booker, edrion01@gmail.com

Fennell Family Reunion Cruise, 1st Annual
Shannon Johnson, 817-937-0192; fennellfamilyreunion9@gmail.com

Flagg Family Reunion
Contacts: Veneeciea, Yancey, Samuel, Aron, 904-236-3039, meettheflaggs2018@gmail.com

Fleming Family Reunion
Kimberlee Mcneill, 904-238-6170; Kimberlee.McNeill@bkfs.com
Facebook Fleming Connection

Fleming,Gamble, Goodman and Laws 39th Family Reunion
LaChain Glenn, 240-274-8008; mrsglennchain1@verizon.net

Flowers Family Reunion
Lanorma Rhymes, 901-426-2364, taytay1670@gmail.com

Ford Family Reunion, Ben and Mable Ford Family Camp
Lenora Harper, 240-643-9397; lenora.harper@verizon.net
Facebook: Ben & Mable Ford

Foreman Family Reunion
Trena Foreman, 832-875-4513; trena_ray@comcast.net

Freeman Family Reunion
Clothildes (Tida) Ealy
313-300-3643; tidacoleman@yahoo.com
Facebook: Freeman Family Descendant

Frierson Family Reunion
Jul 9-11, 2021, Columbus OH
Contact Terri Robinson-Yarber, 440-406-9150, trobinsonyarber@aol.com

Fulford Family Reunion, Descendants of Reverend Willam & Esther Fulford
Erika Sherman, ESherman@SandySpringsga.gov

Fuller Family Reunion, Descendants of Rob and Mary Fuller
Melissa Woodson, Chair, 334-740-1230; m2woodson@outlook.com

Fuller Family Reunion, Descendants of Thomas Edward Fuller
Terry Davis, 3320 Dallas St, Fort Smith, AR 72903
479-459-8697; tdd0130@gmail.com

Fullwood Family Reunion
Calling all descendants (Stems: Almeta Fullwood; James Butler Fullwood; Holland Fullwood; Marina Jane Fullwood; Benjamin Fullwood, Jr.; Sarah “Sallie” Fullwood; Mary Alwilder Fullwood; Phoebe Fullwood; Henry Fullwood; Jack Fullwood; Tucker Fullwood”) from the Branch of Benjamin Fullwood (1843 – 1908; m. Phoebe Bryant Fullwood 1845 – 1919), the son of Smart Fullwood (1805); and all their generations.
Facebook: Fullwood Family Legacy.

Gaines Family Reunion
Cynthia Hibler, 5237 Walnut Court, Lithonia GA 30038, taylor_hibler@yahoo.com

Gallup Family Association Annual Reunion
Julie Soto, PO Box 102, Voluntown CT 06384

Garrard-Register Family Reunion
Hank Garrard, 3866 Strathonburn Ct, White Plains MD 20695; 301-645-1574, ezhank62@gmail.com

Gary Family Reunion
June 19-21, 2020, Jackson, MS
Mary Herron, 601-664-8522; maanne98@gmail.com
Facebook RE-Annie Mae Gary REAMG Family Reunion

Gary Family Reunion
Angela Gary Miller, 502-240-8895; ms_amiller@yahoo.com

Gathers/Hannah Family Reunion
Annette Webb, Tonia Gathers, or Jarodd Webb; gathershannah@gmail.com

DMV Geddis Family Reunion Dinner
Delvin Champagne-Geddis, 757-343-1877; geddis_dcmdva@yahoo.com


Garcia Family Reunion
AnaMaria Aguilar, 580-471-3087; clark48luce44@outlook.com

Gibbs & Rowe Family Reunion
Vivian Dunbar, vdjoh@yahoo.com

Gilbert/Pryer Family Reunion
Melonie, 415-465-0025; pryermelonie@yahoo.com
Facebook: GilbertPryerreunion

Gilliam Family Reunion
Jul 30-Aug 1, 2021, VA
Patricia Johnson, 203-572-3756, johnson.patricia@gmail.com.

Gillyard Johnson Mahoney Family Reunion
Bettie Gillyard Griggs, 310-926-4979, bettiegillyard@aol.com,
www.gillyard-johnson-mahoney.com, Facebook: Gillyard Johnson Mahoney Family Reunion

Goldey Family Reunion
Bev Thomas, 720-363-9005; bevnthomas@icloud.com

Gooding Family Reunion
Jaime Phillips, 510-290-7651, jaime.phillips86@gmail.com

Gomez Family Reunion
Apr 8, 2021, San Jose CA
Contact Adelena Gomez, 408-500-7345, adelenag504@gmail.com

Gordon Family Reunion
Joan Richardson, 646-208-1737, Atlreunion2018@gmail.com
Facebook: Gordon Family Reunion

Gonzales Family Reunion
Heather Gonzales, 713-446-3443, hmgonzales1203@gmail.com

Gottung (Gruny, Vetter, Eck) Family Reunion
Sandra Smith, 3604 Aspen Dr., West Des Moines IA  50265
slsmith629@gmail.com; 515-491-6112

Govier Family Reunion
Gordon Govier, www.radioscribe.com/GovierReunions.htm

Graham Family Reunion
Tosha Johnson and Resonda Isler, 704-996-8857, risler2@gmail.com
Facebook: Graham Family Page

Grandberry Hunter Family Reunion
Mrs. Wynette (Nicki) McWilliams, M.Ed., 256.372.8176; wdmcwill@gmail.com

Grant-Johnson Family Reunion, 82nd annual
Melda Grant, mljgrant@gmail.com

Green Family Reunion
Luxie L. Frison, 601-278-4256; luxie_frison@hotmail.com

Griffin Family Reunion
Jacqueline McElveen, 843-206-8757; jacqueline_mcelveen@yahoo.com

Griffin Family Reunion
Monic Boddy, 513 Blake Ave, Davenport FL  33897
407-844-1970; deedeeboddy@yahoo.com

Griffin-Jones Family Reunion
Adrian McKnight, 803-873-3430; griffinjonesfamily@gmail.com
Facebook Griffin-Jones Family

Griffin Family Reunion,
Descendants of Frances Swift and Foley Griffin, Philadelphia, Mississippi

Jaleesa Collins, CLB 15, 15th MEU, 1st MLG,
PO Box 555717, Camp Pendleton, CA  92055-5717
310-962-5988; thegriffinsfamilyreunion@gmail.comwww.thegriffinsfamilyreunion.com

Grima Family Reunion
Anne Mason, krmsotherhalf68@yahoo.com

Guidry Family Reunion
Keisha M. Guidry, 985-725-3052, guidryfamilyreunion2018@gmail.com, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/780753785431364/

Guy Family Reunion, Descendants of Escaped Slaves and Civil War Veterans, Baldy Guy (1841-1911) & George Guy (1845-1928)

Hairston Family Reunion
Deborah Bishop, lebdeb27@yahoo.com

Haldeman/Hayes Crossing Reunion, 33rd Annual
Jul 25, 2020
Rosemary Johnson, 606-784-5162 or Lloyd Dean, 6770 U.S. East Morehead KY 40351; 606-784-9145
Craig Riggsby, 606-780-4043

Hamm Family Reunion
Jo Gearheart, Jogearheart@aol.com

Hamilton Hill Taylor Family Reunion
LaTanya Joseph, 863-812-7245, 2016.Orlando.Reunion@gmail.com

Harrell- Currington Family Reunion
Roslin V. Spigner, 718 290-4725, Roslin.Spigner@gmail.com

Harrison Descendants Family Reunion
(formerly know as Akins-Harrison Descendants Family Reunion)

Carrence Bass, 4146 Woodley Creek Rd, Jacksonville, FL  32218
904-622-8217; harrisondescendants@gmail.com

Hareday/Bevans/Bevan/Smith Family Gathering
Catherine Lindsay, 101 West Leighton, Frontenac KS 66763; 620-704-7123

Harris Family Reunion
Descendants of Theodosia Richardson Harris and Harry Andrew Harris, Jeremiah and Violetta Strickland Norris
Jacqueline Harris Cunningham, Jckiddo2@aol.com

Harrison Family Reunion,
Descendants of John and Nancy Jane (Mayhew) Harrison, Kirkwood PA
Barbara Wellons, President, PO Box 798, Langhorne PA
215 891-9987; harrisonfamily100@verizon.net

Harton Unity Celebration
Contact Angela Jinks 216-570-9814

Haslam-Williams Family Reunion
Gwen Hurston, 972-955-1198; haslamwilliams2019.genx@gmail.com

Hatchett Family Reunion
Monica Hatchett, 270-210-0887; MCymone@yahoo.com

Hawkins Family Reunion, Descendants of Mason & Janice
Lenora Harper, 240-643-9397, lenora.harper@verizon.net

Heard Family Reunion
Tara Cohen, 443-570-7692; tlcohen1122@gmail.com
Facebook: Heard Family

Heyard-Poinsette-Holmes Family Reunion
Narvie Stewart, 5549 Hwy 17, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576
843-651-9494, narthom@aol.com

High Family Reunion, Descendants of Jennie and Ross
Joyce Nicholson, jeaton48@gmail.com

Hightower Little Bush 50th Family Reunion
Jovan Miles, toppergem@gmail.com

Holmes, Thomas & Surnames Family Reunion
Contact Keri, sitkasky@msn.com
Facebook: ThomasHolmesFamilyReunion
Blog: http://holmesreunionblog.wordpress.com

Holt Family Reunion
Brenda Holt,  817-899-3371; bren.holt@rocketmail.com

Hopkins-Strain Family Reunion
Daryl Hopkins, 323-755-7881; djayhopkins@aol.com

Horn-West Family Reunion
Nellie Lymos, 707-685-6360, nana4jay@hotmail.com
Facebook: Horne-West Family Reunion; hornwestfamilyreunion.worrdpress.com

Horne Halsell Holsey Family Reunion
Jonnie Ramsey Brown, 678-570-7239
jbrown244@gmail.com; https://www.facebook.com/groups/HHHFamily ,

Henneghan Family Reunion DMV
Windy Pickett-Herbert, 703-798-4925; windyp@ned.org
Facebook Henneghan Family Reunion

Hockaday Family of Halifax County, NC
Steven Green, 252-578-1463; Slgreen66@charter.net
Facebook: Hockaday Family of Halifax County, NC

Horton Thomas and White Family Reunion
Ellen McClendon, 3894 Hitchcock Rd, Macon GA 31217; 478-361-5309

Howard-Jarmon Family Reunion
Oct 9-11, 2020, Katy TX
Shequita Allen, 281-381-8067, goldenhoney45@gmail.com
Facebook Howard-Jarmon Family Reunion

Howell Family Reunion
June 26-28, 2020, Jensen Beach, FL
Jacqueline Nelson, 954-793-9163, jackienelson1523@gmail.com

Hyde Park Community Families Reunion
Angela Howard, 615-752-7215, hpcfr2019@gmail.com
FB: facebook.com/groups/HydeParkCommunityFamilies

Huff & Rutledge Family Reunion
Phoebe Turley, 716-812-8641

Insall Family Reunion
Jennifer Ridgway Denton; 210-291-1195

Isom/Oglesby Family Reunion, 35th annual
Theresa Hawkins ( Dunston ), 864-614-2014; thawkins@borgwarner.com

Ivy Family Reunion
Michael Owens, 859-519-0055, mowens4758@yahoo.com

Jackson Gathering: The seeds of Eugene
JJ Scott, phenix7jj@gmail.com; 843-693-9728

Jacobs / Neil Family Reunion
VLynn Sawyer, 918-381-6162; ltsawyer1980@gmail.com

Jacobson Family Reunion
Walters Park, US Coast Guard Base, Mobile, AL
Frances, Barbara, or Priscilla, 251-865-0551; Jacobson.family.reunion.2019@gmail.com

Jarmon Family Reunion
Jana Rayford, jarmonreunion2017@yahoo.com

Jemison Family Reunion
2020, Myersville, MD
Melonie Brent , 773-499-2169; meloniebrent@yahoo.com

Jenkins Scott Family Reunion
Chairperson(s): Mrs. Shirley Jenkins & Mr. Brandon Rogers
Secretary: Ms. Sondra Jenkins, 646-247-6947; Rchssondra@aol.com

Jenkins, Stephen Senior Family Reunion
Florence Whitfield, 917-838-8693, Gaga200200@aol.com

Jernigan Family Reunion, Descendants of Calvin Jernigan
2021, Dallas, TX
Beverly Paige, 318-470-9843; jerniganfamilyreunion@gmail.com
Facebook: The Jernigan Connection (East Texas)

Johnson Family Reunion, Descendants of Jesse R. Johnson, Frances Walton Johnson and Viola Johnson
Carmen Allen, 678-485-5890; carmenallen1983@gmail.com

Johnson Family Reunion,
Alvin Fish Jr., PO Box 302, Waterford PA 16441

Johnson Barnes 48th Family Reunion
June 26-28, 2020, Chicago, IL
Dwight Johnson, jj1450xl@yhoo.com
Facebook Johnson and Barnes Family
Website johnson-barnes.com/

Johnson & Benson Family Reunion
Wanda Foxx-Terry, 3939 Gateway Court, Montgomery AL 36108; teejean@icloud.com

Johnson Family Reunion 2020
July 31 – Aug 2, 2020, Detroit, MI
Nicole Baker, 704-221-6788, thelegacycontinuesreunion@gmail.com
Facebook Johnson Family Reunion

Johnson/Davis Family Reunion
Naomi Jenkins, njenkins415@windstream.net

Johnson Durant Family Reunion
Angela Townsend, 704-449-8402, angelatownsenddiva@yahoo.com
Facebook Johnson Durant

Johnson-Ewing Family Reunion
Brenda Ann Qadir – Cookie Moore, 440-796-5401; brendaqadir@gmail.com

Johnson Moody Crenshaw
Sonya Good, slcass2@aol.com; 800-717-4041

Johnson-Riley Family Reunion
Jul 31 – Aug 3, 2020, Myrtle Beach SC
Joseph Williams, 910-884-7939, jawmag06@yahoo.com


Jones-Carswell-Thomas Family Reunion
Carrie Barber; 954-934-5471; barberlcarrie@yahoo.com
Jones/Mitchell/Brock/Jackson/Broadnax/Cobb/Ford/Lovett/McDaniel Descendants 
Rochelle Jones Price, PO Box 4921, Oakland CA 94605; 510-827-9803; buildingfamily4ever@gmail.comfacebook.com/groups/buildingfamily4ever/events

Jones Walker Family Reunion
Larry Wright, 248-670-5347, lwright@wwgllc.com;  joneswalkerfamily.com

Jordan Family Reunion
Descendants of Jordan and Shields who lived in Jackson County, Jefferson, Georgia in the 1800s
Janice Edwards, 404-323-8939; edwards3251086@aol.com

JWH 32nd Family Reunion
Jeannette Chapman, 216-513-6217; Jechapman50@msn.com
Facebook: JWH FAMILY

Kelsey Family Reunion
Lisa Ann Thomas, 22lisaannthomas@gmail.com
Facebook: Lisa Thomas (Kelsey Family)

Kearney – Moore Family Reunion
Chairman Clienton Bryant (757)236-0170; cbryant@ivybaptistchurch.org,
Asst. Chairman Robin Lee (757) 719-3237, Treasurer  Nadine Bryant (757) 218-6565

Kieffer Family Reunion
Candie Kieffer, 567-207-4949

Kennedy Walker Reunion
Bonita Lawrence McClure, bonitallm@yahoo.com,
6724 Walnut Cove Drive, Raleigh NC 27603

Key Family Reunion
Shaunta Brown, 205-335-5710; taeplus2@ymail.com,
Facebook: Key Family Reunion 2015

Kilson’s, Shephard’s, Ranger’s, Hardy’s Family Reunion
Dawn Shephard, 832-617-8765, godsplanning@gmail.com

Kinsler Family Reunion
Brenda Kinsler, PO Box 3257, Washington, DC  20010
202-407-3290; kinsdc@aol.com;

Knotts Family Reunion
Martha Knotts; mmknotts@aol.com

Kolb-Kulp-Culp Family Association
Jack Oberholtzer, 215-534-0194; jeoberho@comcast.net

Kubran Family Reunion
Roxanne DeVoe, 570-949-4694; rox_devoe@hotmail.com

Lamar-Thompson 92nd Annual Reunion
William Scott, 585-451-0095, lamarthompsonreunion@yahoo.com

Lawhon Family Reunion
Nicole Lawhon, 850-509-0327; lawhon4185@gmail.com

Lawson Family Reunion
July 10-12, 2020, Auburndale FL
Solomon Andrews, 863-508-0803, mannee28@gmail.com

Lee Family Reunion 2020
July 3-5, 2020, Oakland, CA
Staci Winn, 510-493-8916, leefamilytexarkana@gmail.com

Lee Family Reunion
Ernest & Brenda Lee, 770-990-9672; dixon_lee@yahoo.com

Lee Family Reunion, Descendants of Sam & Nettie Lee
Reuniting the Past and Shaping the Future
Staci Winn, 510-493-8916; leefamilytexarkana@gmail.com

Lee famiLEE Reunion
Charolette Bales, Charobales@att.net

Lee-Chavis Family Reunion
Dory Bryant, 313-459-4228, myleefam@yahoo.com
Facebook: LeeFamilyLee

Leali Family Reunion
Sheryl Tufts, 954-336-5262; sptuft@aol.com or LeSondra Barnett-Hollowell, 816-726-3323; rjjrs1girl@gmail.com or James Harris, 303-322-1432; harrisjjr@gmail.com

LeGrand Family Reunion
Aug 14-16, 2020, The Renaissance Hotel, Elizabeth NJ
Kenneth Jones, 908-966-3413, legrandfamilyorg@gmail.com

Leno Smith Family Reunion
Jul 24-27, 2020, Cruise
Contact Tanya Leno

Lewis Family Reunion
Gwendolyn Kettles, 301-292-7433; Gwen@gwenkettles.com

Lewis Family Reunion,Descendants of David and Annie Lewis
Marie (Annette) Daniely, 301-839-9256; madaniely506@verizon.net

Lewis Family Reunion, Descendants of John and Helen Umlah-Lewis

Ligon Family Reunion, Sina Odom and Jack Ligon
Loretta Mark, 936-526-9416
Facebook Jack & Sina Ligon Family

Lindsey Kendall Family Reunion
Sandra Antoine, President, sandyant35@gmail.comwww.lindseyk.myevent.com

Lindsey Family Reunion
Renae Sanders, 256-444-8751, naesand0310@gmail.com

Lipscomb Family Reunion
Descendants of James F. Lipscomb who is one of the African American legislators who will be commemorated by the African American Virginia Legislators’ Descendants Celebration.
Lee Lipscomb, leelipscomb@gmail.com; 202-810-4237

Love Family Reunion of Lexington Mississippi, Descendants of Ben and Rosa
Dorris Ellis, blesslove@aol.com

Lurvey 2020 Family Reunion, Descendants of Peter Lurvey
Sep 9-13, 2020, Gloucester, Rockport & Ipswich MA
Linn Parisi, Lurvey2020@gmail.com
Facebook Lurvey 2020 and Lurvey Family page

Lynn Family Reunion
G. Anderson, ganderson3b@yahoo.com
Facebook: Lynn Family Reunion (Group page)

Lyons Family Reunion
Karen Crum, 1044 Mahogany Ln, Rowesville SC 29133

Macon Family Reunion
Cheryl Macon, jacksonmissc@yahoo.com

Makaiwi Ohana Reunion
Leolani Wong, 702-287-0841; leolaniwong@gmail.com

Malcom Family Reunion
LaMonica Smith, 678-249-9662, malcomfamily72@gmail.com

Manning Family Reunion, Descendants of Benjamin Manning

Manuel-Webb Family Reunion
Charlene Harmon, 1476 Locust St., Memphis TN 38108

Mark Family Reunion
Erin Nelsen, 562-618-3297; erin@markprairieheritage.org

Marks Family Reunion
Porsha Roy, 860-449-4509, peroy924@gmail.com

Martin-Johnson Family Reunion
Shirley Alston, 678-201-2767; alston92@aol.com
Facebook: Martin-Johnson Family Reunion

Maxwell-Taylor Family Reunion, Descendants of Fountain & Louella Maxwell
Sandra Drew, 615-838-5216, sandra_drew@lpmbc.org

McCarley Family Reunion, Descendants of Isreal-Rebecca McCarley
Kimberly McCarley, 716-949-0894; kimmiemac67@verizon.net
Facebook McCarley Family Reunion

McCarty-Washington Family Reunion
Jennifer Morgan; 814-418-7557; jrm091676@yahoo.com
Facebook: McCarty Washington

McCauley Family Reunion
Please notify ASAP, Thelma A.Newman (540) -886-3040 or Mary Ann Robinson, ( 540) 414-2125 Home.

McClelland-Williams family Reunion
Jul 31, 2020, Tyler, TX
Joseph McClelland, 760-288-5436; onewaywire@gmail.com

McCrea family Reunion
Chianti White, mccreafamily@yahoo.com


McClary McCleary Family Reunion,
Descendants of Charles, Lucille, and Harriett McClary of Kingstree, SC


McCuistion/McQuiston (and all other spellings) Family-Clan Uisdean, USA Annual Gathering and Meeting.
Contact: Gloria McCuistion, gmccuistion@live.com; 757-619-8246 or David McCuistion, Davidmcc44@outlook.com; 423-402-1643

Mc Dougald Sutton Family Reunion
Mattie Lewis 252-315-7682 or Neicole Gear 252-373-6328

McDuffie Family Reunion
Melissa Woods; lissaw3k@gmail.com

McElroy Family Reunion Club (The Chicago)
Anna Chambers, 773-206-6153, amchambers2@comcast.net
Facebook Chicago McElroy Family Reunion Club

McElroy Family Reunion
Kenneth Lamar, Kenster147@yahoo.com

McFadden-Whaley Family Reunion
Ethel McFadden, 315-877-7807; flightgospel@hotmail.com

McGee Family Reunion, Descendants of Hudson & Viola McGee
Deborah Marcisz, 708-515-0568; marcisz.deborah@gmail.com

McGill Family Reunion
Shelly Blackston, President, srblackston@gmail.com
Vickie Williams-Joppy, Secretary, Victoria_J_Williams@mcpsmd.org

McGill/McPherson Family Fest: Family Food Fun 
Miss T. Denton, mcphersonfamilyfest@gmail.com

McGinnis Family Reunion
Briana Glenn, 678-545-9621; 2019McGinnisFamilyReunion@gmail.com

McMillian-Hayes Family Reunion
Dawn Calhoun, 407 Howard Road, Tuskegee AL 36088
917-439-1587; dcalhoun9097@hotmail.com

McMullen-Huckleberry/Huckleby Family Reunion
Katherine Addison-Evans, 216-956-0764; katazooba@sbcglobal.net

Murray-Paige Family Reunion
Deborah Duff, 917-808-3175; mjord42521@aol.com
Facebook: Paige-Murray

McZorn Family Reunion
Carrie Wood, 301-213-7167; Hmlady472@gmail.com

Meeting of the Miles & Farrow Families: The Second Reunion
Marguerite Miles Harrington, mjharrington@comcast.net

Miller Family Reunion,
Descendants of Hobert and Leah Catherine Miller and extended family.

Lisa Cook, 276-889-2318 or 276-254-9098; cooklisa6@aol.com

Misener/Misner/Mizener 116th Reunion
Janet Fear, 905-844-4773; fearja@gmail.com

Mitchell Family Reunion, Descendants of Sam & Susie Gray Mitchell
Christine Walls, PO Box 80073, Washington, DC 20018,
(443)863-9694, Mitchellfrc@gmail.comwww.mitchellreunion2016.com

Mitchem Family Reunion
Wendy Harris, 216-559-2305, Wendyharris844@gmail.com

Molden-Wise Family Reunion
Lorann Dent, 229-798-0310, Loranndent@outlook.com

Molex Family Reunion
Eldaka Terrell, 352-425-5616; mrseterrell@outlook.com

Monroe, Mitchell, and McCain Family Reunion
Lewis Monroe, 608-338-6430; lmonroe33@yahoo.com

Moore Family Reunion–Descendants of Virginia Moore and her kids Anderson, Willie, Lafate (Lafayette), Fred Burns Jr., and Dollie Burns
Jul 30 – Aug 1, 2021, Orlando, FL
Shirese Louie, shirese1975@gmail.com
Facebook TheMooreFamilyReunion

Moore Family Reunion
Orlandrea Sheets, 405-514-0074
Facebook: Moore Family (Group Page)

Moore Family Reunion
Hostess: Debra Patterson, Pattersondebra1@gmail.com

Moore Family Reunion
Terri Fagan Mitchell, PO Box 465295, Lawrenceville GA; 770-682-4650; tfmitch@aol.com

Moran Family Reunion
Suzan Schoessow, 414-640-8107, schoessow262@aol.com

Morgan Family Reunion
Rose McMillan, 910-618-6994, rosemarieandken@gmail.com

Morin Family Reunion
Jul 9-12, 2020, King City CA

Morrison – Page Family Reunion
Arline K Burgess, 678-732-8067, arlineburgess000@yahoo.com
Facebook Morrison-Page family

Morton/McKay Family Reunion
Twila McKay Smith, 3769 Eversholt Street, Clermont FL 34711, 352-988-2677

Murphy Family Reunion
Descendants of family names: McQuade, Corrigan, Lanagan, O’Donnell.
CANCELLED: July 2020, Chicago, IL
Denise Murphy, ddmurphy25@yahoo.com

Neal Family Reunion

Neal-Fox Family Reunion

Nelson/Custard Family Reunion
Barb Hensley, 4701 Irvine Ave NW, Bemidji, MN  56601; computer_fun@yahoo.com

Nettles Family Reunion, Descendants of Matt and Rena
Phaedra Miree, phaedramiree@aol.com

Nichols-Washington Family Reunion
Zachary Landry, Zacharylandry573@yahoo.com

Ottevaere Family Reunion
Barb Howe, 847-826-8491; b-howe@sbcglobal.net

Our Family Reunion
Aug 7, 2020, Warren MI
Brynne Kellam, 313-653-5298; familyourreunion@gmail.com,
Facebook: 51st family reunion

Outlaw/Outler Family Reunion
Cynthia Outlaw, Family Historian & Organizer, PO Box 744, Bala Cynwyd PA 19004; clo331@aol.com, 215-803-4088

Owens Family Reunion
Loretta Lewis, llewis6957@yahoo.com

Palatines in NJFamily Reunion
DNA Cousins and Palatine Community Neighbors are invited
RSVP: Comments or questions 908-766-0907, 732-297-6686

Parker-Dickerson Family Reunion
Terri Dickerson Davis, Reunion Coordinator, terrildavis85@gmail.com

Parks/Reese/Pittman Family Reunion
Kathy Woodard, 336-744-1984; kpw1god@yahoo.com
Facebook: Parks-Reese-Pittman Family Reunion

Patterson-Webb Family Reunion
Brenda Qadir, brendaqadir@gmail.com

Pauley/Brown Family Reunion Los Angeles 2020, 41st Biennial Celebration
July 23-27, 2020, Los Angeles CA/ Marina Del Rey
Sherry Graves, 310-416-1167; pauleygirl6@gmail.com
Facebook: Pauley Family Reunion 2020 Los Angeles/ Graves Chapel Arkansas Roots Thang

Payne Family Reunion
Contact: thepaynefamilytree@yahoo.com

Pender Family Reunion
Descendants of Pompey Pender (b1805-1808) and Hulda (b1817-1819)
Contact penderfamilyreunion@gmail.com

Pensick Family Reunion
June 19-21, 2020, Columbus, NE
Anna Marie Szatko, 402-910-7048; amszatko@earthlink.net
Facebook: Pensick family page of John and Eva
website: www.pensick.com

Perry Family Reunion
June 26-28, 2020, Miami, FL
Pearl Perry, 954-703-9391, crestinaharvey@gmail.com

Perry/Edwards Family Gathering
Vanessa Young, 662-295-5103, youngv8208@bellsouth.net
Facebook: Perry/Edwards Family Gathering

Peters Family Reunion
Oliver Peters Jr., ohlcpeters@gmail.com

Petway Family Reunion
Hosts: Bill Petway, Shemeka Petway, Krystle Jackson and Dawn Petway, 770-364-3769; dpetway50@gmail.com
Facebook: petway

Pittman Family Reunion
Contact Carolyn Sanders, 317-337-9839; info@thesandersgroup.net

Pittman Family Reunion
George Burns, 402-453-2953 or 402-216-9867; Mypolly100@hotmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/129903140378765/

Pooler-Caldwell Family Reunion
Treva Burgess, 682-351-5197; treva_P@hotmail.com
Facebook Caldwell Pooler Sellers Family Tree

Portalstin Family Reunion 
July 31, 2020, Geneva, OH
Virginia Perez, 928-249-0245; ladyemy511@gnail.com
Facebook: Portalatin family news

Portis Campbell Crawford Latham and Powe Family Reunion
Find our Family on Facebook!

Potts Family Reunion
Jennifer Stephens/ Annette Thomas, 937-422-4998 or 937-529-6417; jesusnyou2@gmail.com
Facebook: Potts Family Reunion

Powell Moody Family Reunion
CANCELLED: July 31 – Aug 2, 2020, Halifax County, NC and Greensville County, VA
RESCHEDULED: Friday, July 29 – Sunday, July 31, 2022 — the theme will be gratitude!
Allison Bell, 706-627-9730; PowellMoodyFamilyReunion@gmail.com
Facebook: Powell Moody 

Presley Family Reunion
Emmitt Carter, Presleyreunion2017@gmail.com

Price Family Reunion
Dionne Allen, 832-512-5907; travelrx14@gmail.com
Facebook: Price Family Group

Prince Family Reunion
Kimberly Timmons-Hampton, 980-298-9814; mrskimhampton@gmail.com

Pugh Family Reunion
Kelvin Kelesy, 313-425-1106

Purcell-McNeill Family Reunion, Descendants of Washington and Tabitha Purcell & Henry and Eliza Thompson McNeill
July 31-Aug 3, 2020, Washington, DC
Yolanda Purcell, 910-374-3814, yolandapurcell@hotmail.com

Rainey Family Reunion
June 2021, Milwaukee WI
Michele Howard, 515-988-4469; mrs.michele.howard@gmail.com

Rambo-Rambeau-Coachman-Collier-Mitchell Family Reunion
Dean Henry, 610-644-1529; deanhenry@comcast.net

Randles Cousins Reunion
Rose Plyer-Kerr,rosekerr51@yahoo.com

Rayzer Family Reunion
Diane Rayzer, 316-208-1005; dmrayzer@usa.net or or Shelly Brown, 412-600-3715

Reed-Isaac Family Reunion
Contact Geraldine Bell, gera-jo@hotmail.com

Reiswig Family Reunion
Descendants of Christian Wilhelm Reiswig
Last Sunday in June, Micke Grove Park in Lodi CA
Dolores Stamps, honeykeyloft@aol.com

Relatives United Family Reunion
Kimyata Gray, 773-708-9918; kimyatagray@gmail.com

Relativity Family Reunion
Contact Information Form https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JQ7Z2JF

Rembert Family Reunion
Mae Garner, 205-310-4894

Richardson Family Reunion
Barbara Alston, 770-879-0885, bbalston@bellsouth.net

Riley Family Reunion
Jacqueline Gardenhire, 14069 Breeders Cup Drive, Gainesville VA 20155
703-743-1979; jacquelinegardenhire@yahoo.com

Rivera Family Reunion
Yerlenys Ortega, 980-309-5745; yerlenys@icloud.com

Roark-Conner Family Reunion
Sep 25-27, 2020, Chattanooga, TN
Johanna Roark, 410-827-0152, BoD@Roark-Conner.org
Website: Roark-Conner.org

Rubin Rice/Martha Glenn Family Reunion
July 25-28, 2020, Charleston, SC
Leroy Jeter, 864-415-1508, 1st2rise@gmail.com

Roby Family Reunion
Marci Mable, 281-949-8172; robyfamily2018@gmail.com

Roby Family Reunion
Linda Roby, l.roby22@yahoo.com

Rogers Family Reunion
Jacqueline Miller, rogersreunion17@gmail.com

Rogers Family Reunion
James Otis Rogers; rogersjameso@yahoo.com

Romero, Family Matters Romero Reunion
Ruth Valle, 714-654-1719; romeroannualreunion@gmail.com
Facebook: Romero Reunion

Roper Family Reunion
Contact: 731-217-4445, csnorwood12@gmail.com
Facebook: Roper’s Family Reunion

Rowell Family BBQ and Corn Roast
Nancy Percy, 705-932-2381; ken-nancy@nexicom.net

Rush Family Reunion, 97th
Carol A. Rifenberrick; 804-264-8606; crifenberr@aol.com

S and T Family Reunion
Carolyn Wilson, 8044376655, 2008wilsoncarolyn@comcast.net

Saffore/ Scyffore Family Reunion
Niko M. Cook, 918-809-8774
Follow family reunion updates, activities and events on Facebook and Twitter.

SAMM (Smith, Anderson, Martin, Mitchell) Family Reunion)
Nate Alston, 336-340-3195; media@sammfamilylegacy.comwww.SammFamilyLegacy.com

First Nazareth Baptist Church – BIG MEETING (community festival/picnic).
Further info may be obtained at 803-254-6232 or Blog  www.fnbc140.blogspot.com

Schmidt Family Reunion
Josiah Schmidt, josiahschmidt@gmail.com

Big Scott Reunion 2020
June 2020, Los Angeles, CA
Tiffany Johnson, 973-678-2965; tiffanynicholej@ymail.com

Great Scott’s United Family Reunion
July 3-5, 2020, Houma, LA
Wanda Scott, 209-578-2816; greatscottsunited@gmail.com
Facebook Great Scott’s United

Scott-Houser Family Reunion
Mamie Burton, 313-355-2527; mamiepat@sbcglobal.net
Facebook: 40th Scott-Houser Family Reunion

Schürch (Shirk/Sherk/Sherrick, etc.) Family Association of North America Reunion
Sue Shirk, 717-381-2772, www.schurchfamilyassociation.net

Schutt Family Reunion, 30th Annual
Helen Reynolds, 716-761-6522; vincen2jrs@juno.com

Seideman(n) Family Reunion, 87th Annual
Descendants of Friedrich & Rosina Seidemann

Always the 3rd Sunday in July
Jul 19, 2020, Seidemann Farm, Newburg WI

Settles Family Reunion
The Arkansas ~~ ST.Louis Connection
Contact (Ambassador), Stephanie Johnson, (501) 607-5337, Facebook
Contact (Ambassador), Tangie Ware, Facebook
Contact (Committee Participate), Lanika Tatum, Lanikatatum@yahoo.com

Sewell Family Reunion
Debbie Sewell, 3071 Co Road 39, Linden AL 36748

Sgaraglino, Bica and Bruno Family Reunion
Joseph J. Marchese, Sr, 6 Jessica Ct, Latham NY, 518 505-5078; JJMTRAINER@aol.com

Shaw Family Reunion
Aug 14-16, 2020, Marlin, Falls County, TX
Facebook Shaw’s From Marlin, Falls County TX

Sheldon Family Reunion

Shelton Family Reunion
Robert W Shelton, 5909 N Elkcam Blvd., Beverly Hills FL 34465

Shields Family Reunion
Stephanie Abrams; stephanieabrams49@gmail.com; Facebook: Shields Family Reunion

Smith Family Reunion, Descendants of Charlie & Ellen Smith
Shirley Doren Smith, 910-461-8006, psalms1943@gmail.com
Facebook Charlie Smith or The Smiths Family Reunion

Smith Family Reunion
Paulette Gadson, 313 471-8072; missgadson@hotmail.com

Smith Family Reunion
Mary Smith Ellis, maryellis0926@gmail.com

Smith, Bethea & Knightnor Family Reunion
Lacendra Knightnor, 757-768-4651, lacendrak@gmail.com

Smith-Boyd Family Reunion
Elvira White, 2ewhite@prodigy.net

Smith-Williams Family Reunion
Contact Marcia Smith-Woodard,  317-809-6712,  swreunion1110@gmail.com

Spearman Family Reunion
Rozalyn (Mickey Spearman) Moss, 219-26-8114; spearmanfamilyreunion2019@outlook.com

Speight Case Family Reunion, Descendants of Nathan and Salina
Phyllis Everett, josephnphyl@gmail.com

Spence-Green Family Reunion
Nola Green, 3720 S. Tempe Way, Aurora, Colorado 80010
720-252-9307, nolagreen1953@yahoo.com

Springer Family Reunion of Ohio, Descendants of Jacob and Joseph Springer
Sherry Springer Fasulka, 732-642-9863; fasulshe@aol.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/115464491811019/?ref=share


Stamps-Scott Family Reunion
Toki Stamps, 619-905-0702, ScottStampsFamilyReunion@aol.com
Facebook Stamps-Scott Family Reunion

Stanley Family Reunion
Debbie Keith, 314 Mary St., Bristol, VA 24201; 276-791-4099;
Facebook: Stanley Family Reunion (Debbie Keith)

Starkey/Simmons Family Reunion
July 9-12, 2020, Seattle, WA
Contact Debra Bowman, 425-998-6737, bowmanone@comcast.net

STeeN FAMily ReUnioN, Descendants of Mary (Jackson) & Elbert Steen. Our FAMily ReUnioN legacy includes not only their childrens’, children, children but their sisters, Minnie (Jackson), Florence & Gertrude (Steen), and brother (William Jackson) children and descendants as well.
Summer 2022, Mobile AL
Tondie Steen, 434-637-8336, steenfamilyreunion@gmail.com

Stevens Family Reunion
Benjamin T. Muhammad, SFR Northern Committee, Pres.

Stewart Family Reunion
KaShena Cato, 323-330-7352; sheflower77@gmail.com

Stiles Family of America and Affiliated Families
Sheila Stiles, 1847 Sheridan Ave NE, Warren, OH 44483

Still Family Reunion
Reggie Still Sr., 757-268-8191, reggiestill@cox.net

Stokes-Combs Family Reunion
Dr. Gale LeVon, glevon60@gmail.com or Candace S. Morgan-Williams, stokescombs@gmail.com

Strickland/Cason Family Reunion
Don Strickland, 386-935-2201; dongstrickland@windstream.net
Facebook: Strickland/Cason

Sumrall Family Reunion
Sylvia James, 404-805-6134; sylviacjames@gmail.com

Swindle Family Reunion
Amanda Hamilton, shorty92020@att.net

Talley’s- Vaughn’s & Claiborne’s+ McClellan’s
Bettie Talley, 615-919-1097, bettiestewart@gmail.com

Tate Family Reunion
(Murray Tate /Pauline Cutrer/Tate and Harriet Washington /Tate Descendants)
Date TBA, Baton Rouge, LA
Jessie Brumfield, 1821 Admiral Nelson Dr, Slidell LA 70461; 985-649-1192

Thayer Family Reunion
St. Petersburg, FL
Marilyn Thayer, 727-289-89817; marilynthayer@verizon.net

Thigpen Family Reunion, Descendants of Isaac, Isom & Jacob Thigpen
Jul 2-5, 2020, Dallas, TX
Stephanie Lewis, 469-528-0541, thigpenfamilyreunion2016@gmail.com
Facebook Keeping up with the Descendants of Isaac, Isom & Jacob Thigpen

Thomas Family Reunion
Contact Lazette Watterson, PO Box 873, Bogalusa LA 70429; lazettewatterson@yahoo.com

Thomas Underwood Clay Family Reunion, 40th (Ruby Anniversary)
Lisa Thomas, tuc2016chitown@yahoo.comwww.tucreunion.myevent.com

Worldwide Tiffin Family Reunion
Floyd Tiffin, 806-674-3326, floydtiffin@suddenlink.net

Tubbs Family Reunion

Turner*Billingsley*Hutchinson (TBH) Family Reunion
C. Yevone Daniels-Thompson, tbh.familyreunion2017@yahoo.com

Turner/ Embry Family Reunion
Jul 24-26, 2020
Fannie Bush, ifbush@aol.com
Facebook Turner/Embry Family Reunion

Turner Family Reunion
“Building a Strong Family”

Bobby Moore, Reunion Committee President, Katrina Shellman, Secretary, katree34@yahoo.com

Ussery Family Reunion
Edna Miller, 918-325-9203, ednamiller102665@gmail.com

Utzman (Utsman) Family Reunion
Stephanie Hamilton Dwyer, 423-207-0161; stephaniedwyer@cocmast.net;

Vary Family Reunion – 101st
Joanne Vary Schwandes, 407-346-9267; joanne.vary.schwandes@gmail.com
website: http://www.varyfamilyname.xyz/vfr/

Vernon Family Reunion

Wade Selena Jones Reunion
Garry Jones, garry@stressfreeetravelinc.comwww.jonesfamilyreunion.info

Wainwright Family Reunion, Descendants of Levy Wainwright
Zandra Cannon, 1140 Kilgore Dr, St. Louis, MO 63137

Walker-Doss Family Reunion
Chairperson, LaWanna Bradford, www.walkerdoss.myevent.com

Walker Singleton Family Reunion
301-292-7433, Gwenkettles@gwenkettles.com

Waltrip Family Reunion
Jerry Waltrip; waltripfamily@yahoo.com; on facebook at Waltrip Genealogy and Family Stories.

Ward Reunion
LaTosha Oliver, 904-214-6947; laoliver06@gmail.com
Facebook: Reunion Ward; wardreunionlegacy.com

Warrick Family Reunion
Phalanda Boyd, 405-664-7848; bphalanda@yahoo.com

Washington and Brothers Reunion
Margie Miles, 321-506-7069, Facebook: Allthings Washington

Washington-Copeland Family Reunion
Jenell Leonard, 229-244-7330; wacofamilyreunion8@att.net
Facebook: Washington Copeland

Washington Family Reunion
Jackie Green, jackiegreen04@hotmail.com

We Are Family
Cresia Green-Davis, 323-718-9359; creswil@gmail.com
Facebook We Are Family

We Are Family Reunion
July 2021, Dallas TX
Contact Danny Speas, 832-368-5236, mosley1954@msn.com

Webb Family Reunion
Vickie Webb-McCain; 703-946-5221; http://webblegacy.tribalpages.com

Weedon Family Reunion/ Rose Family Gathering
Families from the Northern Neck of Virginia 4th annual Gathering Reunion
Susan Matthews, 804-224-2323; kgroots@earthlink.net
Facebook Families from the Northern Neck Area

Wheatley Family Reunion
Robin Willis, 517 Vicki Drive, D’Iberville, MS 39540
901-574-8330, missrobin2006@yahoo.com

Wheaton-Dukes Family Reunion
Terry Bunch, blmbunch2008@yahoo.com

W.H.E.W. Family Reunion
Moses Whitelow, 703-409-4204; Moses.whitlow@gmail.com

Whitaker Family Reunion
(Murray Tate /Pauline Cutrer/Tate and Harriet Washington /Tate Descendants)

Jessie Brumfield, 1821 Admiral Nelson Dr, Slidell LA 70461; 985-649-1192

White Family Reunion
White Family Reunion
Peggy Miller, 512-970-6605; whitesofbastrop@gmail.com

White Family Reunion

White Family Reunion
Suquilah Stillwell or Sukey (same person), 617-459-9668, sweetsukey@gmail.com

White Family Reunion
Jul 2020, Myrtle Beach, SC
Darlene White, 917-531-8905; dwhite2664@gmail.com

White-Riddick Family Reunion
Vanora Brothers, 1782 Harvey Point Rd, Hertford NC 27944; 252-426-5956; bvanora45@gmail.com

Whitehurst Family Reunion
Karen Stewart, 2016whitehurstfamilyreunion@comcast.net

Wilder Family Reunion
Jul 24 – 26, 2020, Stone Mountain, GA
Chandra Robinson, robinsonchandra@yahoo.com.au

Wiley-Jefferson Family Reunion
Keonsha Bernard, keonsha@hotmail.comhttps://sites.google.com/site/cherishingourheritage/home

Williams Family Reunion, Descendants of Mr. Aaron Williams
Contact Mrs. Helen Edwards, 619-368-4951; aaronwilliamsfamilyreunion@yahoo.com

Williams Family Reunion, Descendants of Tucker and Janie Williams
Sharon Milton, 352-807-4345; smilton729@gmail.com
Facebook: Williams Family Reunion (Descendants of Tucker and Janie Williams)
AND ReunionPage FamilyAffair Gathering

Williams Family Reunion, Descendants of the daughters of John & Nellie Williams — Jezebelle, Mary, Pearl, Mattie Sue, Violet & Lucille, of Sussex County, Virginia.
Natrice Crawford, 757-240-9935, ncraw007@gmail.com

Williams Family Reunion, Descendants of George and Hepsie
Janice Burnette, 910-670-3103; Janicejbj55@gmail.com
Facebook: WFR

Williams’/ Johnson Family Reunion
July 31-Aug 2, 2020, Suffolk, VA
Crystal F Williams, thewmsreunion@gmail.com
Facebook Crystal Williams/ Williams’/ Johnson Reunion

Williams Pope Vaughn Family Reunion
July 23-26, 2020, Memphis, TN
Belinda Rawson, 662-822-8299, wpvreunion2020@gmail.com
Facebook Williams Family

William’s Family Reunion
Kandace Ward, 616-272-3689, kandaceward@yahoo.com,

Williams/Williams McBride Family Reunion
Jun 25-28, 2020, Myrtle Beach SC
Angela Young, 317-200-4992, angie4055@hotmail.com

Williamson Family Reunion
Aug 6-8, 2021, Detroit MI
Terri Johnson, 313-218-0567, tjones0321@att.net

Williford Family Reunion, Descendants of Green & Martha Williford
Betty Gadson, 863-207-0628; gadson2travel@aol.com
Facebook: Williford Family Legacy

Willis Family Reunion
Georgia Willis Simpson (Planning committee member), gg3www@aol.com

Wilson (Joe) Biennial Reunion
Veronica McCoy, veronicamccoy@hotmail.com

Wilson Family Reunion
Pamela Williams; pbwill1@comcast.net

Winn – Pittman Family Reunion
Jul 9-12, 2020, Stone Mountain GA
Lola Alston, 561-312-4401; alrich33404@yahoo.com
Facebook Groups: Winn Pittman

Womack & Gibbs Family Reunion
Aug 7-9, 2020, Hot Springs, AR
Contact Kimberly Gibbs 210-279-4710;
Stephanie Williams 214-514.9621;
Chandra Watson-Ashley 318-372.8942
Fatishia Buchanan 615-517.0942;
Latesha Hawkins, 501-414-4299; gwfamilyreunion@gmail.com

Woods Family Reunion
Jeff Rainey, 909-225-7837; s13086@netzero.net

Woodworth Family Reunion

Woodworth Family Reunion
Joanie Hamilton, 972-679-3600; Paul Woodworth, 217-964-2165; or Jan Woodworth Marks, 217-593-6000; jan1693@adams.net

Woodworth Family Reunion
Carl Webb; carlwebb3@gmail.com

Wooten Family Reunion
Melissa Hall, msh240@gmail.com, PO Box 88, Lemont Furnace, PA 15456

Wright Family Reunion, Descendants of Simon and Erma Wright
Donna Johnson,972-824-8158; dejsabre@gmail.com;
2506 Channel Isle Drive, Garland TX 75043

Wright Family Reunion 20/20
June 12, 2020, Huntington, WV
Deidra N. Wright, 571-244-1079; deidra.nicole.wright@gmail.com
Facebook: Wright Family Reunion 2020

Wrispus Family Reunion
Gloria Cole 248-821-6496, Clarice Shepherd 313-434-8670

Wynn Family Reunion
Patricia Gaynor-Lesley, shyne4p17@gmail.com

Yancy Family Reunion
Trifari Crawford, 214-507-6873; tricraw@aol.com

Yancy Family Reunion
September 2021, Karnack TX
Contact Glenda Brown, 469-644-5365, brown_glenda@att.net

Yandeau-Guindon Family Reunion
Laverne Aitchison, calreunion2018@gmail.com

Yarborough Family Reunion
Robin Andrews, rdatwo@gmail.com

Young Family Reunion
Karen Johnson, 5501 Purington Avenue , Fort Worth, TX 76112,
817-655-2736; Advisor1055@gmail.comShandimi@yahoo.com

Young and Stradford Family Reunion
Jessica Young, 704-451-7180; youngjs2229@gmail.com
Facebook The Young and Stradford Family