Tips for making memory booklets by Richard Hane

Plan early!

To estimate the cost of each booklet, approximate how many booklets will be ordered and how many pages you’ll need for each. Add a few dollars to the price and use the books for fundraising. Then you’ll know how much to charge each member.

Before or after?

If you want booklets ready for the reunion, you need to collect photos, personal information and money before the reunion. If you plan on making a booklet after the reunion, set up a table at the reunion with order forms. Only booklets made after the reunion can include photos from the reunion.

empty family booklet

Quality counts!

Many reunions have some kind of booklet. Someone on the committee gets stuck pasting, typing, copying and stapling. Often, the end product is not as nice as you’d hoped. Why not get them done professionally? Customized booklets can be ordered for as little as $18.62 each.

Choose the right booklet-making company.

Sometimes booklets are part of a larger package where you must use the booklet maker’s or other event planning services photographers. Other companies specializing in making booklets can use your photos or photos from a photographer you choose.
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