Themes Drive Stewart Reunions


The family of DeLoy and Marilynn Stewart meet for a family reunion every year during the Labor Day holiday. We have found that holding the reunion at the same time every year helps family members plan their busy lives around that weekend. They always know when the Stewart reunion will be and although the location may change the date never does.

2007 was the 25th anniversary of Stewart reunions. When we began we were 22 which has grown to almost 70. For 25 years we have gone camping for our reunion. We have camped at lakes so we could go boating, in the mountains at group campsites and at recreational campgrounds. Our needs change as children grow up or new babies come into the family.

Knighting Ceremony was held with Queen Marilynn and King Deloy knighting their great grandchildren Knights in the Order of the Thistle. Mick Johnson and father Joel are pictured here.

Knighting Ceremony was held with Queen Marilynn and King Deloy knighting their great grandchildren Knights in the Order of the Thistle. Mick Johnson and father Joel are pictured here.

Each year we choose a theme and activities and food to go along with that theme. Activities are coordinated by Aunt “Mo” and Uncle Steven with a representative from each branch of DeLoy and Marilynn’s six children. We have had some fun themes throughout our 25 years.

“Home for the Holidays” was one of our favorite themes when we celebrated every holiday during the three-day reunion. We went trick or treating to family trailers and tents. When we woke up Sunday morning the children found the Easter Bunny had left plastic eggs all over the campground and we had a huge family birthday cake. We celebrated Thanksgiving with a delicious turkey dinner minus the cranberries because they were out of season. Other camp themes we have had are Boot Camp, Survivor Camp, Western Camp and Water World Camp. One thing that never changes is the family history “church” we hold on Sunday where we learn about our Stewart ancestors.

One year we made an “airplane” out of tarps and ropes and gave everyone a ticket for a trip to Scotland. The pilot greeted everyone as they boarded the plane and the stewards served us peanuts and drinks. Unfortunately the plane never made it to Scotland as it crashed. We exited the plane to find we were in heaven and six family members dressed as ancestors came to meet us and tell us the story of their lives.

In 2006 we had a medieval theme. We had a good time learning about Scotland’s history from that era including the royal Stewarts. We learned about clan Stewart and the Stewart crest.

A favorite time at Stewart campouts is the time spent around the campfire. To go along with the theme a story was told about a dragon and fire crystals were thrown into the fire to make colored flames.

Reported by Marilynn W. Stewart, Bear River City, Utah, (also known as “Aunt Mo” and the daughter in law to the DeLoy and Marilynn Stewart).


We made a castle out of cardboard boxes. Everyone brought boxes and when they arrived we taped them together until it wound throughout the whole camp. The kids loved crawling through it; even Grandma took a turn.


For fun, misbehaved children (mostly teenagers) spent time in the stockade. Megan Stewart was caught but managed to escape.


Bobbie Wynne competes in the archery competition.


Megan Stewart, Bear River City, Utah, practices her jousting skills.



Clint Maddox, Layton, Utah, competes in the log throwing contest.


Great granddaughters were in “Princesses on Parade.” Here MadiLynn Stewart is walking through the castle arch.


Jayden DeVroom shows off the tent/castle her family decorated.



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