The Kades love C Lazy U Ranch

SKIINGKnown for its “Five Spur Service,” Granby, Colorado’s C Lazy U Ranch TUBING( is a popular reunion locale and hosts groups large and small year-round. The Kade family has had more than 15 annual Christmastime reunions at the ranch. Four generations, 25 total, travel from as far away as Maryland to visit the ranch, approximately two hours from Denver. The Kades’ favorite activities include riding the ranch’s Snowcat, skiing, sledding and snow tubing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, playing a friendly ice hockey match and skating on C Lazy U’s Zamboni-groomed pond. The older generation enjoys watching the youngest generation experience the same winter experiences they did earlier, especially the magical moment each Christmas Eve when Santa arrives at the Lodge in a horse-drawn sleigh. Some of the children have come back as seasonal employees to work at C Lazy U Ranch.