The Grand Family Reunion

The Grand Family Reunion and 250th anniversary of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, July 10, 2003.
Over 250 years ago they fled religious persecution and frequent wars, all dreaming of a better life in Nova Scotia. 2,700 people migrated from Germany, Switzerland and France from 1750 to 1752. Their land grant dreams became reality in June 1753 with Lunenburg’s creation on Nova Scotia’s south shore. Fishing and shipbuilding helped settlers and their descendants prosper for several generations.

In honor of Lunenburg’s 250th anniversary, the Grand Family Reunion Planning Committee invited descendants of the town’s first families to a five-day celebration beginning July 10, 2003. Chris Young, Committee Chair, says “A shared love of genealogy and history forms our event and we envision a week of discovery and adventure.”

Mr. Young’s vision is to “Hug long lost and new found relatives, tip our hats to those passed on and fill in the blanks in the search for our roots.”

He hopes everyone will meet other genealogists for a mutually beneficial information exchange and find ancestors from traces left behind.

Reunion events included a Halifax to Lunenburg voyage, family information booths and an ecumenical church service. Attendees visited churches where ancestors worshiped, land where they lived and worked and cemeteries where they are buried.

Contact Chris Young, 60-302 College Avenue West, Guelph ON N1G 4T6 Canada; 519-824-9869; [email protected].