The Best Reunions

by Agnes Konitzer Bridger

Our family is large; our youngest daughter is the 96th grandchild with over 225 great grandchildren. After our mother passed away, the fourteen surviving brothers and sisters decided to get together once a year. In special remembrance of our parents, we gathered for Sunday Mass and sat in the front pews. After mass and dinner at a restaurant, we spent the afternoon at someone’s home to reminisce. Everyone hated to see the day end.

After a few years, the nieces and nephews decided to continue the tradition by taking turns planning the annual event and invited the aunts and uncles as guests.

The best reunion was at our grandparents’ farm bought in 1889, now owned by a nephew. Three wagons with bundles of hay for seats were pulled by tractors instead of horses. We went through the neighbor’s field to the river where we swam so long ago.

That day brought back many cherished memories for those of us who lived on this farm and swam in the river or went down the hill on homemade toboggans.

The tradition is still going strong. What better way to keep our family intact and close?