Special Events Mark Reunion

The Imperial Palace in Biloxi, Mississippi, hosted an eventful Stalag XVII-B Prisoner of War Camp reunion.

Donald Jensen waited more than 50 years and the Ex-POW now proudly wears his Purple Heart. Jensen, shot down, captured and held prisoner, had not received the medal for his service. After years of his family fighting for recognition, he was presented with the medal at the reunion.

Wedding bells also rang. With broad smiles, Roy Livingstone and Dorris Holliday exchanged vows. But this was not your normal wedding. Livingstone was held in the Stalag XVII-B Prisoner of War camp; Holliday’s late husband was a prisoner in the same camp. A widower, Livingstone met Holliday, at a national Ex-POW Reunion. A case of love at first sight, they knew the perfect place to marry was at the Stalag XVII-B Reunion on May 4th, the day after the anniversary of the prisoners of war release in 1945.