Searching Surprises

Star Demint would have traveled around the world to meet birth family but she only had to go 10 minutes to meet a half-brother. Demint was abandoned as an infant and later, adopted by her foster mother. Not long after beginning her search, Demint was told her birthmother had died, the one thing she didn’t want to hear. After more searching she ascertained that her mother died in New Orleans in 1976 and was buried in California. A call to the funeral home revealed that Demint had three brothers and two sisters. The sisters are not dealing well with the surprise of another sister but the brothers have been welcoming and supportive.

The first brother she called told her another brother lived just 10 minutes from her. She impatiently went right over to her brother’s house. He said she looked so much like her mother he knew they were related when he saw her coming. Demint who lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, has attended reunions with her new family in Tennessee and Iowa.

submitted by Ken August Brunner from the St. Petersburg (FL) Times