Kid’s Trip Diary, for ages 6-12, published by Marlor Press, 4304 Brigadoon Drive, Saint Paul, Minnesota, 55126; 96 pages, paperback, $6.95.

Long, hot, boring hours sprawled in the back seat of the family car; mile after mile of concrete interstate landscapes; the kid sister or brother who won’t turn down the Walkman or recklessly spills food and drink over the seat – such are the fond memories childhood summer vacations are made of.

Relax. Help is available. A new, revised edition of the useful Kid’s Trip Diary has arrived just in time for your next reunion. Among its offerings are strategies for getting children involved in planning the trip, making lists for things to do on the road, and deciding what to pack and what to leave behind. Most of all, Kid’s Trip Diary provides entertaining as well as educational activities sure to keep kids happily occupied. Besides riddles and games, sights seen, foods eaten, changing weather, even the amount of money spent on shopping can be logged in pre-formatted pages. Best of all, blank space is left to record the most important thing of all: memories of your family summer reunion.

The Starcleaner Reunion, words and pictures by Cooper Edens. Green Tiger Press, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York NY, 1979, sixth printing, 32 pages, paper, $8.95

“The time has come, my friend, for a reunion to recall the great deeds we began before thee were years at all, or memories…” Thus begins The Starcleaner Reunion, a child’s magical encounter with angels, stars and history. Bold, vivid illustrations and a warm-hearted story makes perfect bedtime reading.

Another truly fun package is Happy Highways Kids’ Travel Kit, from Hampton Inn & Suites – great if you’re traveling with school-age little ones. The package includes a five-day journal, an activity book and a lively cassette tape of Eddie Coker songs including “Travelin'” and “Say Hello!” Request the kit from Hampton Inn & Suites, c/o Sourcecenter, Inc, 1366 Round Table, Dallas TX 75247.