Reunions with a Purpose

The Dallas Grand Hotel is the long-time headquarters for reunions of the Son Tay Raider Association and the Southwest Chapter of the Special Forces Association. The reunions are sponsored by the Siegel Beverage Company of Dallas and Miller Brewing of Fort Worth who finance newsletters, association incidentals, “man of the year” awards, a casino party and beverages for all their functions.

George and Kay Petrie, 10-year veterans of organizing reunions, have developed some larger purposes than camaraderie and celebration. The Special Forces Association supports Montagnard families in the Dallas area. The Montagnards were hill tribesman who fought along side Special Forces but were not part of the South Vietnamese Army. About 25 families settled in Grand Prairie, Texas, and, according to Petrie, are doing very well. Special Forces also provides scholarships for the Montagnard children.