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Reunions magazine readers are reunion planners and organizers. They want to learn how you can help make their planning easier, smoother and more affordable. Share your message to generate reunion business from our Reunions magazine readers.

Successful reunions are thoroughly planned and prepared events. They deserve the finest you have to offer. Reunions are about relationships and organizers want their relationship with you to produce successful reunions.

Reunions are amazingly resilient and strong in an economy that is unkind to everyone. In a Reunions magazine survey, respondents said their reunions are “too important” and they’ll continue them regardless of the economy.

Reunions magazine‘s products include a print edition supported by, facebook, twitter, pinterest pages and a free monthly reunion-planning e-newsletter and soon to be, weekly planning blogs. Our goal is to serve reunion organizers and provide all the information and help they need to plan successful and memorable reunions. also offers many opportunities for your message to be right where a reunion planner needs it: among thousands of reunion planning ideas. See our social media opportunities and rates.

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SPECIAL ISSUES: Reunion Celebrations!

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Reunions are many things to many people but most of all they are celebrations. In this special issue we celebrate the celebrations. We collect reunion stories and share the best of the best to inspire and motivate reunion planners on their journey to a memorable reunion. The issue will be filled with stories and pictures that are sure to capture the interest of anyone open to new and exciting reunion ideas. Significant outcomes of reunion planning is demonstrated in stories and articles such as where reunions are held, how reunions pay for the fun, what everyone does at the reunion from youngest to oldest members and much, much more.

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In addition to the traditional print issues, Reunions magazine has considerable planning information on the web that is available to reunion planners around the clock, 24/7, so you can plan your reunion in your pajamas!
Our web site has thousands of pages of content divided into sections that speak to particular issues planners are facing. First we concentration on getting started which requires very specific preparation but then we have hundreds of pages of ideas for what to do at reunions which can be many things, as it is to many people! It’s in among all this information that we invite your messages to compliment and be right where a reunion planner wants the resource. Your message is linked to the additional information on your web page. Start your residence on with a listing in our reunion section with details about your offerings and links directly to you. Add a picture, slide show or video that demonstrate why reunions would choose you!

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Continuous features

  • Reports from family, class, military and other reunions.
  • Learn from experts.
  • Reunion-friendly areas, cities and attractions that attract and please all kinds and sizes of reunion groups.
  • Reviews of products, programs, services, books, videos, software, web sites.
  • Kids’ stuff for family reunions.
  • Reunion fundraising, searching, newsletters, invitations and books.
  • Reunion resources that support memorable reunions.
  • Saving $$.

Regular columns and departments

  • Reunion MasterPlan  (focus on families)
  • Military Reunion News
  • Alum & I (all about class reunions)
  • Branch Office (genealogists are notorious reunion organizers)

Reunions on the Web

Reunion Resources directory with direct links to YOUR web site.

Podcasts about planning details available for sponsorship.

Reunions! Upcoming family, class & military reunions.

Articles, stories, how-tos, how others have done it.