53rd Annual Flowers Family Reunion 2023 in The DMV The Year Of Champions

Contact: Jesse and Judy Calhoun
E-Mail: jrcmdky@gmail.com
Start Date: June 22, 2023
McLean, VA
Website: http://FlowersFamilyReunion.com
Facebook: http://flowersfamilyreunion.com/?fbclid=IwAR0LrRhk_EC3zI7Pg1s9g6kWcujIYGQNeGyBmMEsQ6ZJ_hii38Fqz0fvyww

Each Year The Flowers gather like new growth to a season’s garden in a new location. We have the 1st ever East Coast Destination. WH visits, The NAAMCC is a leading destination. The Welcome Friday is Family War Games for Champions wearing Camouflaged attire. SAT Bd Meeting, Family Photo in our tees, and Frying Pan.pk. Cookout w.competitions! Sat Night Sole of Champions Flowers Sneakerball. Sunday Woship & Praise and A Flowers In Bloom Brunch w school of Family members close us out! So much More! Scholarship Awards, oldest youngest farthest and Achieving Awards too! Then We pass to STL 2024!