Renewed interest

Nancy Newman tells this story about her husband’s family reunion. Years ago, they had reunions until 1969 when Hurricane Camille destroyed the aunt’s house where reunions were held. Reunions stopped. In 1996, when they learned a cousin was deathly ill and would live just a matter of days, her husband said, “we must have a family reunion.” They got to work and in about three weeks everything was set. The cousin died the day of the reunion. However, it was agreed that the reunions should continue every year. Everyone brings food and drinks. The ladies visit; the men play cards. The real purpose is to get to know each other again. Newman printed a family tree that spread about 20 feet. Everyone enjoyed looking at it. The only complaints were from some divorced folks who didn’t want the spouse shown in the family tree. “Our oldest member is 92 years old. Don’t be discouraged, families mean everything.”