Ranch is reunion scene

About 300 relatives from across Arizona and California followed two large signs to the ranch. Ernie and Adrian Ramirez demolished an old house and cleaned and irrigated areas to make room for RVs and a dance floor. Siblings, in-laws, cousins, tios and tias helped.

“Ramirez Express” was a big highlight of the reunion. Ernie Ramirez constructed a “train”: eight “cars” made from empty 50-gallon barrels placed on permanent frames with wheels, with chairs bolted into each one. His wife Kim painted each barrel with different characters. A tractor and “engineer” toured the children around the ranch, and they loved it. They actually waited in line to climb aboard!

A dedication ceremony honored members for their triumphs over challenging circumstances and for their inspiration to live life to the fullest.

There were games and contests for all ages: tug-of-war, hula-hoop, egg-throwing, water balloon fights, gunny-sack races, baseball throw, horseshoes, bingo, and a Tie the Ribbon on the Piggy contest. Someone said he didn’t think they’d laughed that hard in a long time. High winds kept a Saturday bonfire from happening but a dance was held with traditional Mexican, Tejano, country and R&B music.

From a report by Maria Isabel “Isa” Ramirez in the Casa Grande Valley Newspaper, Casa Grande, Arizona.