Rainy day activities for kids

In the video above, the kids of the Johnson-Barnes family reunion are enjoying a dance-off.

It’s raining, it’s pouring, but your kids won’t find the day boring with a little costume fun to pass the rainy day away. Don’t turn on TV, turn on imaginations by having kids dress like their favorite movie characters. Pirate, Superman and other blockbuster movie costumes spark the imagination.

Be in the movies! Throw a blue sheet up on the wall, pull on the Superman costume, get out the camcorder and make your own Superman Movie. Use fun accessories like bendable bars and breakable chains to give your movie more action.

Fill an old trunk or suitcase with buried treasure, then hide it. Dress kids up in pirate costumes, hand them a map to the dead man’s chest and watch them hunt for the prize. Visit anniescostumes.com/rainydaycostumefun.htm.