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Diana Burkhart, Mount Vernon, Ohio, organizer of the Wolford Family Reunion, poses some interesting questions. “How do I get more people to attend the reunion? It is dying and may not continue much longer. This will be the 64th year.”

“There is a conflict about where to have the reunion. Many want the reunion to be in Shelby, Ohio, which is where the majority of the Wolford descendants live. About four or five years ago we decided to have the reunion in Mount Vernon, near George and Phebe Jane Wolford’s homestead where reunions were previously held.”


It is probably fundamental to decide where the reunion is going to be. How about alternating between the two places; one year in Shelby, the next in Mount Vernon?

How do you choose your reunion location?
As a military reunion for the USS Rankin, we make it clear that I, and only I, after consulting with other members, make the decision on where to hold the reunions. We learned, painfully, that if you ask ten veterans where to hold the next reunion, you will get fifteen different answers. If you try to determine it by voting, you get a lot of votes from people who don’t know much about the destinations they are voting on. When these people were in the military, the commander didn’t ask them what liberty ports to visit. It’s no different with us.

Louis Skip Sander, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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