Pryer/Gilbert Attendance at 1,800!

The first Pryer Family Reunion was held in 1989 in Rosedale, Louisiana, attended by 550 relatives. The second Pryer/Gilbert Family reunion was in 1996, with over 1,500 relatives attending.

The further we dig, the longer our roots have grown, and based on this year’s expected attendance of 1,800, the history of our family is proving to be “overwhelmingly” long and deep. What’s even more amazing is that the family has such a long lineage, which continues to blossom, despite the many buds now faded away.

Attendees came from Belize, New York, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, California, Maryland, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, and where “the roots” began, Woodville, Mississippi.

We are all very blessed to know that from one acorn, a tree with a rich heritage, continues to grow long and strong. I feel our family tree is one of the great sequoias of our time.

Reported by Melonie Pryer, San Francisco CA