Proclamations, Kudos, Citations, and Greetings of all Kinds

Your reunion group is special in many ways. Have you included public recognition of your group’s uniqueness?

Among the many ways to highlight, honor and celebrate your group is to solicit citations. Who do you think should know about and acknowledge your reunion? The mayor? The governor? Senators? Congressional representatives? The President of the United States? All possible. All doable.

Tyrone Dumas welcomed the McNair Brazil Scott family reunion to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with greetings on behalf of the people of Wisconsin, from the governor, and Milwaukee, from the mayor and the county executive.

The following is a sample of a letter written to solicit a proclamation. Specific questions necessary to prepare your proclamation should be answered in your initial correspondence. You’ll need to introduce your reunion — what’s special about your group? Include the date, place and number expected. Allow plenty of time. Note that in the example, the writer allowed seven months.

McNair-Brazil-Scott Reunion
July 8-11
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Our reunion theme is “Today’s Youth. . .Our Families Future”

From: Tyrone P. Dumas
Milwaukee WI
December 12

To: County Executive F. Thomas Ament
Milwaukee WI
Subject: Proclamation/Resolution honoring the McNair-Brazil-Scott Family Reunion

Dear Mr. Ament:

Milwaukee is hosting the annual McNair-Brazil-Scott family reunion at the Marc Plaza hotel from July 8 through July 11. We want to showcase the best that Milwaukee has to offer and would like to have our family honored via a proclamation. Our roots are in the state of Arkansas and our family has settled all over the USA with a sizable group in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

We are expecting 250-300 people (visitors) for our 4 day reunion and want to have the proclamation presented at our family dinner on Saturday night, July 10. The proclamation should honor the legacy of the African-American Family as exhibited in the many generations of the McNair-Brazil-Scott Families.

Thanks for your time and effort. Please contact me ASAP when you have approved and scheduled the issuance of the proclamation. If you are available, we’d be honored if you’d personally present the proclamation to our family elders.

Tyrone P. Dumas, Reunion Committee Chairperson.