Need help finding classmates?


“We are looking for an organization that takes on the task of finding classmates. We are in the process of putting together our 40th reunion and need assistance. Can you recommend one?” e-mailed Juanita Hayes.


The professional management companies that organize reunions specialize in finding people … it’s part of their cost. Try for something close to you. Tell them Reunions magazine sent you!

This might be the reunion where the solitary responsibility of your committee is to find a company or party planner to organize your reunion. Then, even committee members can be guests. Start by asking around for others who have hired services. It’s in the best interest of the company to find as many classmates to come to your reunion as possible and their fees, usually all-inclusive, are not outrageous if you compare the cost to many other entertainment or leisure activities you attend.

Don’t miss this opportunity to commit to a continuing search because some of your classmates are going to move a few more times by the time of your next reunion. Use your database and perhaps even recruit a searching fanatic in your class with the challenge to find everyone!