More Sources for Inspiration

We are often asked to provide reunion words and over time have developed these suggestions for you to explore.

  • Something favorite from the Bible, Shakespeare, a favorite poet, author.
  • There are books of quotes listed by subject and family is a favorite one.
  • Talk about the strength of your ancestors … the real founders of your reunion or how the family grew. Remind the family who they are, why your family is special and encourage them to enjoy a memorable reunion.
  • Be thankful for your reunions and perhaps do a retrospective of your family.
  • Ask others for favorite appropriate readings. Ask them to read.
  • Share the wealth: assign others a thought they can share at the reunion.

Then there’s the O’Jay’s soulful Family Reunion. The O’Jays recognize that “at least once a year we should have/a family reunion.” Why? Because “it’s so nice to see all the folks you love together.” Of course.

For a more spiritual moment, there’s Thank You For Peace, a cassette produced, written, arranged and performed by Samuel B. Lackey. For information call 215-552-8554.

About the author
Jeff Perso was an assistant editor of Reunions magazine.