Millennium Celebrations

The ten children of S.L and Mae Moore already meet every four years all over the country. The millennium holds special promise for them and they’ll break their mold just this once to bring in the millennium together. Viki Yoast, Goliad, Texas, reports that the growing Moore Family Reunion helps keep their family close-knit while expanding to “a multitude of kiddos and in-laws.” The family is spread throughout the US and Yoast is “always thrilled by the number of members who make the effort to join special occasions.” The reunion will be the week prior to and through the New Year.

In the planning stages are 42 sports and golf tournaments and scheduled mealtimes together. New Year’s Eve festivities are scheduled in Victoria, Texas, considered “home” for the majority of the ten Moore children. A hotel ballroom is reserved as the “gathering” place for the week, topped off by a big dinner/dance on New Year’s Eve for family members and attending friends.

Kris Meinershagen, Bedford, Texas, whose branch of the Nelson Family Reunion is responsible for their big millennium reunion, created a theme that certainly says it all. They’re calling the reunion N2K as an acronym for Nelson 2000. The Nelsons have kept reunion scrapbooks but plan to start a new book to mark the beginning of the new millennium.

Jackie Utley, Jackson, Tennessee, reported that the Utley Family Reunion assembled a time capsule to be opened in 2049. She listed what she though the time capsule should contain including the Utley family tree and current mailing list printed on acid-free paper. Every family was asked to bring a postcard from their hometown with their names and ages printed on the back. Those who did not attend the reunion were also asked to contribute a postcard.