Civil War

Find a Confederate soldier

If you’re doing genealogical or family history research and need information about an ancestor who was a Confederate soldier, try these resources for possible information:

Confederate Descendants Society, PO Box 233, Athens AL 35611; or RARE Collection, TK Kennedy, PO Box 355, Braddock Heights MD 21702.

They would be elderly now, indeed, but persons whose fathers fought in the Union Army in the Civil War are eligible to be honored as “real sons” and “real daughters” of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War . Send name and summary of father’s service for potential honorees to Jerome Orton, PO Box 233, Syracuse NY 13201-0233.

World War I

World War I Commemorative medals

Any living veteran of World War I may apply for a 75th anniversary commemorative medal; a gift from the Robert R. McCormick Tribune Foundation. If the veteran is deceased, family may obtain a certificate in his/her name. You’ll need a copy of the veteran’s discharge papers (filed in County Clerk’s offices). Request application materials from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, 536 S. Clark St, Chicago IL 60605.

World War II

Battle of the Atlantic 50th Anniversary (presented by the United Kingdom to all WW II US Navy and Coast Guard Sailors who qualify who served on ships during those historic battles. Contact Lyn Burke; Carthusian Court; 12 Carthusian St.; London, England EC1M-6EB.

The 854th Spearheaders 19th reunion in Buffalo, New York, in 1994 received citations right from the top, starting with President Bill Clinton. They received proclamations and greetings from the Secretary of the Army, Secretary of the Air Force and Commander of the Army Corps of Engineers. Commendations and congratulations were received from New York’s governor, senators and representatives. Their reunion week was proclaimed The 854th Spearheaders Week for the unit’s outstanding achievements.

James E. Bethell, Springfield, Virginia, 854th reunion organizer, was busy months in advance sending brief, cogent information and requests for reunion greetings. His persistence paid off.

Prisoner of War Certificate of Captivity from the Prisoner of War Information System (POW-IS). Stephen Stofko, 703-878-7882; [email protected].

Korean War

Korean War Service Medals

If you haven’t received your Korean War Service Medal, contact Major Kwon, Korean Embassy, 2450 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington DC 20008; 202-939-6484.