Love Anytime

Carol Olson, senior columnist for the Contra Costa (Walnut Creek, California) Times recounts this story about a friend.

When my friend Ginny lost her husband, she felt her life was over. She was alone, scared and filled with sadness. Her beloved little dog was her only companion when she was home, and when he passed on, she thought love never again would comfort her. But she found a new puppy to help fill her lonely hours.

Then, she went to her 50th high school reunion in Ohio. There she found a former classmate, Bob, who had carried a torch for her. Since that meeting, she and Bob have found love together, and during their last visit he asked her to marry him.

Both of their families are thrilled for the couple, who look and act like teenagers in love. I couldn’t wipe the smile off Ginny’s face if I wanted to. The sparkle in her eyes is bright enough to light any room. The joy emanating from them is overwhelming, and you feel younger being touched by its glow.