Lambert’s Thanksgiving Reunion

The seven Lambert family branches experience their best attendance every five years at Thanksgiving weekend reunions. The weather is lovely in Louisiana and everyone has time off. Each branch designates a coordinator who is responsible for communicating with their members from early planning through a final agenda sent one month before the event.

Last Thanksgiving weekend 204 members assembled at the original 1927 family home still owned by a descendant where the seven Lambert children were raised on Bayou Latanache in Innis, Louisiana.

The Lamberts were made to feel like real celebrities by Innis stores and shops with window signs that read “Congratulations on your Lambert Family Reunion!”

The reunion program was centered around the theme: “The Lambert Tribe: Pilgrims and Indians Reunion” to celebrate their early American and Cherokee Indian heritage. The theme was carried out in decorations and directory design. Computer generated awards included Long Time No-See Um, Pow-Wow Chief and Tribal Generations awards. A letter from President Clinton recognizing the reunion was shared.

Lambert children enjoy the funny stories told by elders who have heard them many times before. Games planned for the kids gave parents more time to visit. At their last reunion there was a scavenger hunt, someone taught the Macarena and the kids did a dance performance. Cousins knew one another well by the end of the day.

Visiting was facilitated by arranging a head table where elders sat comfortably while family members visited them. Members sitting at the head table are introduced and each gives a brief welcome. A catered buffet lunch was arranged by family living locally.

The Lamberts have a generations old family tree modernized using Family TreeMaker software. The tree was once a 4′ x 6′ poster board. Now the tree is updated on the computer when members submit changes.

One cousin is in charge of old family photos. She’s copied everyone’s old photos and returned originals. Order forms are available to buy reprints. Lamberts like to decorate their homes with old family photos. New photos of the whole group are taken at each reunion and of each of the seven family branches. Photos were used in the local newspaper.

Lamberts also produce a family directory to facilitate communication, add to unity and assist future correspondence.

Lamberts love to give thanks on Thanksgiving.
reported by Pauline Bizette Brandy, a Lambert descendant