Lake Providence Senior High School, Class of 1985

Lake Providence Senior High School, Class of 1985, Lake Providence LA
Carolyn Raymond Scott, 808-888-0115/email: [email protected]
Gwendolyn Jefferson, 703-655-8739/email: [email protected]

Meet and Greet

Banquet – All White Affair

Former LPHS teachers
Former LPHS teachers

Keynote speaker (left) and two former LPHS teachers (right)


Class reunion planning dilemma

Can you help?
Gary Hodge helps plan the North Tonawanda (New York) High School, Class of 1980, reunion. He writes … I am trying to learn what other class reunion committees do in reunion years and NON reunion years to increase their web site traffic. Send your ideas to [email protected]

Our suggestions would be to be active on the web site and think of things to bring people back regularly; discussion forum, provocative posts, add lots of pictures all the time, mining good news all the time. Or maybe, occasionally, a little controversy? Using Facebook and instagram to feed the web site. You need to stand out because there are many ways to distract all of us. What are your ideas?

Class reunions can be nerve-racking but usually end up exhilarating – renewing friendships, sharing memories of the the days when we were “young and innocent.” Share your class reunion stories, e-mail us.