Keeping Memories Alive

Military reunions aren’t just for veterans anymore. Families join sailors of USS Foote to keep the memories of their experiences alive.

Georgia Tuttle feels closer to the father she never knew by sleeping in a small bunk like the one her father occupied on the USS Foote and doing chores aboard a World War II destroyer. She spent a weekend aboard the USS Kidd, a refurbished destroyer on public display in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Tuttle’s father, a career Navy man, was near retirement when he died in 1960, leaving his 6-year-old daughter only vague memories of him. However, Tuttle has learned more about her father at the USS Foote Association reunions.

The latest reunion drew 109 people, only 40 were shipmates, the rest were families. Most crew members are in their 70’s and their ranks dwindle with each passing year.

Those who attend reunions don’t believe the association will fade away anytime soon. The group encourages attendance by children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to keep memories alive. Younger generations are committed to building a legacy so future generations can participate in this marvelous event.