Keep Your Cool: 5 Tips for Summer Reunion Fun: Part 2 By Lisa A. Alzo, M.F.A.

In the June 1 edition of Reunions newsletter, “Keep Your Cool: 5 Tips for Summer Reunion Fun: Part 1”featured five practical tips when planning a summertime event. Here are five additional ways to have more fun with less effort.

  1. Simplify Your Menu. Consider the different dietary preferences and restrictions of your attendees when planning your menu. Keep things simple by opting for fresh fruit, salads, hamburgers, hot dogs, or chicken, and non-perishable items that keep well in the heat, or budget for a caterer or food truck. If your venue lacks suitable refrigeration be sure to have plenty of coolers with ice available.
  1. Designate a Hydration Station.  Have plenty of water, lemonade, and iced tea available to keep attendees hydrated. Ask those who are of legal drinking age to bring their own alcoholic drinks (if the venue permits).
  1. Plan Low-Key Activities. Traditional games such as frisbee, softball, or volleyball are fun, but may not be ideal on hot and humid days. Instead, opt for a water balloon toss, or a kiddie pool or slip-n-slide for the younger generations. Plan a low-intensity scavenger hunt or Karaoke to keep guests engaged and entertained. Bingo, cards, and trivia games are also good choices.
  1. Be Flexible. Your reunion itinerary should be used as a guideline. While it is good to stick to set mealtimes, allow for breaks and times to just visit.
  1. Capture Memories. Ask for volunteers to take photographs or video. If within budget, rent a photo booth, or hire a photographer. Use the photos to create T-shirts, calendars, mugs, or other souvenirs to display or distribute at future gatherings. Plan a photo scanning event/story sharing session indoors, or in a shady area, using a Vivid-Pix Memory Station to engage all generations.

With these tips, your summer reunion is sure give off great vibes filled with food, fun, and fond memories!