Is your place in history?

US Army Military History Institute’s collection is one of our nation’s finest sources of primary research material on World War II. It is the official central repository for research materials in military history from the Spanish American War, World War I, World War II and Korea. Materials are made available to visiting scholars, researchers and scholars.

To advance its collection, the Institute is collecting primary source materials from veterans of combat and its supporting roles and their families. To participate, request survey forms. Each veteran will receive a questionnaire, franked mailing labels and flyers describing the Institute’s projects. Veterans are asked to record their recollections, which are filed under the veteran’s name and unit in an electronic database and processed. Questions pertain to a wide spectrum of veterans’ experiences in and out of combat and ask respondents to reflect on their service and contributions.

The institute accepts memoirs, diaries, correspondence (including V-mail), camp and unit newspapers, regulations and manuals, unit histories, professional military journals, maps, photographs, soldier art, motion pictures, slides and transparencies, sound recordings, unit insignia, and shoulder patches. They are NOT interested in three-dimensional objects; uniforms, equipment, artifacts.

Anyone wishing to donate historical materials can contact me directly at 717-245-3094 or [email protected]. If you have any questions concerning this change, please contact me.