Heavy Haulers head to Laughlin

Mike Amtower, organizer, says that the Heavy Haulers Gathering has been heading to Laughlin every other year since 2007. Heavy Haulers are Marines who were involved with the Sikorsky CH-53 heavy lift helicopter from all eras. This reunion is organized by members of Marine heavy lift squadron, HMH-463. Marines involved with any CH-53 model from all eras and squadrons are always invited to attend.

“Laughlin is a great place to gather. We ALWAYS have good weather in late October.
And every time we do it, more folks show up. Nearly 90 attended the 2013 reunion,” said Amtower.

Amtower also reports that they had a record surplus of funds from the reunion. They split it into thirds, and sent two portions to the Semper Fi Funds East and West, and the last third to the Burn Center at the Brooke Army Hospital in San Antonio, Texas.

“The very reason we do these Gatherings,” Amtower said, is that “three former members during Tet in 1968 reunited again after not seeing each other for 45 years. Two years ago we had folks who hadn’t seen each other in 43 years. Each time we do this, we get folks to attend for the first time.” Visit www.hmh-463-vietnam.com.