Have you signed your donor card?

Barbara J. Nolan, recruiter for the American Red Cross Marrow Donor Program in Northern Ohio offers an interesting suggestion. She points out that fatal blood diseases such as leukemia and aplastic anemia do not discriminate and affect the whole family. Nolan suggests including a Marrow Donor Recruitment Drive at your next family reunion to raise awareness and educate your family about the need for more marrow donors of all races. Commitment to become a potential marrow donor is stronger among those who are educated within the family group. Your own marrow donors can lessen the devastating situation a family faces when relying on the kindness of strangers to save the life of a loved one. Your Marrow Donor Drive can increase the number of potential marrow donors in the National Marrow Donor Program Registry. Call Barbara Nolan, 888-862-7769 (toll free).