Goosewing Ranch

All 20 members of the O’Leary/Breuil Family Reunion, ages 7 to 86, found plenty of reasons to be happy at Goosewing Ranch in Jackson, Wyoming. We were looking for a relaxed place where everything was taken care of: no shopping, cooking, cleaning or group planning; someplace that would please all ages; something for everybody and not necessarily all together all the time. Goosewing Ranch fit the bill perfectly.

They enjoyed the lovely setting, the enthusiastic and friendly staff, the tractable horses, the comfortable cabins. The scenic and sometimes wild rides on All Terrain Vehicles, made available to each cabin, were a hit with the teenagers and useful for the elderly. Goosewing is small enough not to be a large “machine” and they are very good at personalized attention, without much pressure to do a lot (one signs up for as much riding as one wants, deciding on a daily basis).

In planning for the reunion, the family did lots of research (ranches, ships, barges, castles) and Goosewing was an excellent choice. The manager helped with the logistics of getting everyone out to the ranch and made sure they were set up excellently once they got there.