Former Worker Pulls Out Big Guns for Plant Reunion

The former Delphi Saginaw Steering Systems Plant 2, called “The Gun Plant,” met with the wrecking ball in 2002, after closing in July 2001.

This year, along with sharing memories, organizer, retiree Ferd Hausbeck wanted participants to have the chance to view what helped build the plant’s reputation — its guns. Robert L. Main, a factory retiree, brought his collection of several machine guns and carbines that workers produced at the plant.

The plant manufactured machine guns and carbines for the Allied effort in World War II. Workers supplied thousands of guns to American soldiers. The plant stopped producing munitions in 1945 and workers began making manual steering gears and later power steering gears.

It’s the plant’s guns that bring out the nostalgia. People remembered making those parts. Many who attend reunions are into their late 80s and from the plant’s gun-making days. Contact Ferd Hausbeck at 989-642-5039.

From a story by Jean Spenner in The Saginaw News, Saginaw, Michigan.