Following up on the 516th

Back in our Spring 1995 issue, we printed an article about Edward Blinn’s search for members of his 516th Signal Company. At that time he was still relatively new to his search for members, but was having increased success by the day.

In the seven years that have passed, Blinn has overcome the death of his wife of 42 years, has remarried and has found many more of the 516th group. It is now known that more than 975 men passed through the 516th from 1948 through 50, and 772 have been located (495 contacted and a memorial list of 277). Blinn has had success with Lycos and, but there are still 203 persons to be located. If you were part of the 516th or know someone who was, contact Edward J. Blinn, 526 Krikby Rd, Elmont NY 11003; 516-358-7852; fax 516-358-6094; [email protected].