Find the Missing Pieces

Wondering what happened to the war buddy you served with years ago? Tom Wagner may be the man to help you re-connect with long-lost friends.

Wagner’s website,, enables veterans to search for friends, and create a profile so your friends can locate you. Registering your information is free. Membership fees ($9.95 to $59.95) apply if you wish to search the registered veterans database. The more expensive plans receive services longer and get extra perks.

Privacy is a priority within the site. If you wish to contact another person, a request is sent to the sought-after person. That individual then has to contact you.

Other features include a photo gallery, memorials and message boards. Although they’re not too full right now, your contributions can boost the site’s material. To find someone who has been “missing,” contact Wagner at; 530-367-3818; [email protected].