Family Reunion by Dena Mason

Dena Mason, Cope, Colorado, wrote this poem about the Probasco Family Reunion.

We only have a memory of yesterday
When we were the ones to run and play

A care in the world, was not to be
We loved each other, our family

Cousins playing, the best of friends
Who would have thought, it would ever end

Circle of life, spinning fast
Gone are the days of our recent past

Parents gone and now we see
We are the ones holding the key

Searching for something that can’t be found,
In a memory of scrapbooks and stories bound

My heart it aches as we say good-bye
The tears begin to form in my eye

A hug from my uncle standing strong
My dad’s voice, echoes in his song

Watching my aunt struggle with cancer
Like watching a rerun of my mother

Hugging my children tight as can be
Tomorrow, they will be the ones holding the key

Time just keeps slipping away
We only have a memory of yesterday