Family Returns Home

The Parsons Family Association, Inc., dedicated a granite bench in honor of three deceased association members—Josiah Parsons, Gerald Parsons and Earle Parsons—at a ceremony at their annual reunion at one of three houses owned by Historic Northampton and located on the original family home lot that was established in 1654.

The three Parsons whose names are engraved on the garden bench were lauded for their efforts at keeping Parsons family history alive. The association of about 200 people is dedicated to the preservation of the Parsons family history, which includes Mary Bliss Parsons, Cornet Joseph’s wife, who was tried for witchcraft.

“Family is important. That’s the bottom line,” said Robert A. Heath, of Huntington, the association’s historian. “If you don’t honor your ancestors, what do you have?”

From an article by Holly Angelo in The Republican, Springfield, Massachusetts.