Family is…

The following was written and read by Angela Tomaselli at the Warren-Pulley Family Reunion.

Family is…

Family is…
A woven fabric from the strongest and most diverse thread.
The pattern is rich and flows effortlessly, smoothly, and continuously throughout.
Although the flaws may appear to interrupt the natural flow they actually enhance
the pattern and make it stronger and more appealing to the eye. Time is kind to
the fabric and it increases the designs worth as it passes by.

Family is…
A refreshing fruit salad with a variety of fruit of different shapes, colors, sizes, and tastes. Some fruits are delicate, some are a little too rough. Some fruits have seeds others have pits. Some grow in bunches others grow individually. When the salad is initially combined together the juices remain separate – it takes time to blend. But as time passes by their individuality remains intact, but the blend
takes on a more complex flavor.

Family is…
A tree. It begins with a small seed that slowly sprouts from the ground and takes
days, months, and years to develop, but then come the branches the leaves and
sometimes even the most beautiful flowers. The tree is strong and sturdy and
although the flowers may leave for a season, when they return the next, they are
just as breathtaking as the season before.

Family is…
Young and old, big and small, many shades, many beliefs, many levels of
intelligence and tolerance. What do they have in common? Blood that binds them all together. Families happen, but love takes time to develop.
God creates families, but the members must take time to make all the unique
combinations mesh together in the best possible way.

About the writer
Angela Tomaselli resides in Dayton, OH with her husband, Daniel. She is currently the theatre department director at Stivers School for the Arts and she also serves as the Executive Director for Life’s a Stage.