Discovery Generates a Reunion

An American WWII bomber crashed on a snowy, cold January day in 1944 deep in the pine forests and hills of the Ardennes of Belgium near the village of Wibrin. The crash touched off 56 years of searching.

Parts of the bomber were found in the summer of 2000. The discovery generated the idea of a reunion for the 44th Bomb Group, US 8th Air Force, to which that lost bomber belonged. I am a member of the group and my best friend was on that fateful bomber. We were both radio operators. We both could have volunteered but he chose to go in my place.

I want to have a reunion with the people of Wibrin and those who are still alive who were there 56 years ago. I am also looking for survivors of the lost crew to join in a reunion in Belgium and a return trip to the group airbase in England.

Forrest S. Clark, 703 Duffer Lane, Kissimmee FL 34759; [email protected].