Disco Party

‘70s Theme

The ideas listed here range in complexity to suit many personal preferences and requirements. They are meant to inspire and guide you as you plan your reunion. Have a great time brainstorming and planning a fantastic party.


  • Dig out old 8-track tapes and write the party particulars on a new tape label and send in a padded envelope. Create a take-off song title for your guest of honor such as Gene Turns 50 by Blood, Sweat and Especially Tears.
  • Attach your invitation to a disco ball keychain.
  • Superimpose a photo of a male guest of honor’s face onto 70s film posters. Cut out the silhouette, glue onto an 8 1⁄2 X 11” sheet, write party particulars on the blank areas of the sheet. Make photo copies, add a bit of glitter decoration and send. For a female use a photo of Cher during her Sonny days or disco queen Donna Summers.
  • Ask your guests to wear their best disco duds to compete in a “best costume” contest.


  • String multi-colored Christmas lights on doorways, furniture and walls and set them flashing to turn your pad into Studio 54.
  • Play Saturday Night Fever or Thank God It’s Friday and Up In Smoke on your VCR to get everyone into a groovy state of mind.
  • If it’s shiny, flashing, mirrored, glittered, or strobing, it will help to set the stage for disco fever.
  • Rim your dance floor, chairs and tables with wired mylar stars
  • Let the stars shine as brightly inside as they do out with star-shaped serving plates.
  • Use shimmery mylar plastic for table covers. Create table top decor with foil flowers, silver containers and battery-operated twinkle lights.
  • Fill prism gift bags with tissue paper for an eye-catching and affordable centerpiece.
  • Create backdrops with metallic balloons
  • Every self-respecting disco had a bouncer at the door to make sure you were hip enough to enter the club.
  • Stamp guests’ hands to verify admittance.


  • Remind your guests of the Disco Duck, the hustle, and disco line dances and hold a dance contest.
  • Hold a Tony Manero (Saturday Night Fever) “strutting” contest for those who don’t dance. Feature the tunes of the Bee Gees
  • Videotape all the party activities to show later as the event winds down.
  • Play Name That ’70s Tune game.
  • Host a sing-along of Schoolhouse Rock songs.
  • Get everyone involved in a hot game of ’70s trivia incorporating questions about the guest of honor.


  • Cheese or chocolate fondue were party staples.
  • Serve potato chips with the infamous California Dip made from sour cream and dry onion soup mix.
  • Other ’70s snacks included Chex Party Mix, Swedish meatballs and little pigs in the blanket.
  • Fill a crockpot with the makings for Sloppy Joes.
  • Let your good taste reflect off these silver party plates, cups, and utensils or gold ones
  • Add glamour to your food presentation on glittery foil charger plates
  • Bavarian Waffles topped with whipped cream and strawberries will make a sweet alternative to birthday cake.
  • Set up a chic cocktail bar for nightclub drinks both with and without alcohol.

Party Favors /Prizes

  • Take instant photos for your disco dudes and dolls to keep of them striking a retro Saturday Night Fever pose.
  • You’ll see in a minute what a great mood your guests are in with these novelty mood rings.
  • Buy classic collections of The Bee Gees, Donna Summer, Sonny and Cher, Captain and Tennille or KC and the Sunshine Band so they can shake their bootie long after the party has ended.
  • Pet rocks are making a comeback in novelty stores or dig up your own and inscribe the name of each guest.
  • Vanity prevails when you present your guests with their disco pocket-size mirrors.

These theme ideas are from partyplansplus.com.