Create a Reunion Website

Reunions have been part of western culture for many generations. Until now, not much has changed with this popular ritual. Now reunions can be enhanced with easy-to-build websites that are your communications hub before and after the reunion. allows anyone, even without technical skills, to create a reunion website. Fill in forms online and the information creates beautiful design templates.

Lauren Taylor was thrilled with her Springfield, Pennsylvania, high school’s 20th reunion website on “Incredible features share information and pictures, and lists people who are coming and those who cannot make it to the reunion. It was great to post event details and eliminated a lot of questions we had when we planned our reunion 10 years ago.

“Planning tools allowed us to send email invitations and plan and track all the reunion events. Everyone RSVP’d on the website and were able to pay for tickets with a credit card right on our website — much easier than collecting checks from everyone.”

Lauren’s classmates enjoyed the website as much as she for many reasons. “There’s a great poll and quiz we changed every week because we knew people were coming back to see changes. Another thing people really liked was the flashback page with events in pop culture from 20 years ago,” she said.

Lauren said the “Then and Now” was the most popular page on the website. It showed each classmate’s graduation picture as well as one today, along with a blurb about where they are now. Everyone was able to send information and pictures right through the website, so it was easy to get pictures and comments. It encouraged everyone to catch up before the reunion.

“The guest book was extremely popular and signed by almost everyone whether or not they were coming to the reunion. Many could not make the trip and on the website they could feel part of the event. Everyone appreciated seeing pictures and a video clip posted immediately after the reunion.

“When I thought about creating a reunion website I was a nervous because I had no technical skills. But was easy and needed no special computer skills. I just filled in our information, clicked on submit buttons and the system handled the rest. I was able to try the website free for seven days before paying, but after five minutes I knew this was exactly what we needed.”

Lauren’s website is There is a seven-day free trial to see if it is right for you. The cost is a very affordable $9.95 per month with everything included. Go to