Crane Retirees Come Back to Base

It was a day full of handshakes, pats on the back and a fun time to renew old acquaintances. It was a day for friendly recollection about the “good old days” at what is now known as Crane Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane, Indiana.

The Burns City Naval Ammunition Depot, as it was first known, has contributed to every major American defensive military initiative since World War II. Peak employment during the Korean War and Vietnam conflicts was about 10,000 workers. Production lines worked three shifts a day, seven days a week.

To most of the more than 300 retirees attending the 39th Homecoming Day, the military base has changed much since its founding in 1941. Returning retirees are forever members of a long-standing family of proud Hoosier workers who helped put this military establishment on the map and made it an important link in the nation’s defense.

Workers said it was “the people” that made the job enjoyable, and seeing their old buddies, friends and former co-workers again made the homecoming event a worthwhile experience. Those who came back were given the opportunity to visit their old work stations and visit with the current workers.

From a story by Nick Schneider in the Linton Daily Citizen, Linton, Indiana.