Cemetery Access Problematic

Visiting cemeteries is not always easy. The McCoys (of Hatfield and McCoy fame) cemetery is on private land and not available to family. The McCoys went to court, where a temporary injunction was ordered and agreed upon by all parties. The conditions stipulated that the owners would permit access to the McCoy Cemetery on property “at Hardy, Pike County, Kentucky, during the hours of 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM and so long as no more than five people visit said cemetery per visitation.” One further condition, not listed in the order, is that no vehicles were allowed.

Reunion organizers added their cautions that members be respectful and mindful of the owner’s property, be thankful for the access and not cause the owner any undue inconvenience. Finally, anyone who visited the cemetery was cautioned to assist in caring for the property by picking up garbage or tree limbs. Good advice for any cemetery visit.