Another sisters reunion blossoms

Over a decade ago, six sisters from Cresco, Iowa, started annual reunions; sometimes in Minnesota and sometimes at a family cabin on the Oregon coast. One of the sisters, Jacinta (Jazz) Gates thinks there’s a need for sisters to draw closer, dispel myths about each other and “discover who we really are.” Heal old misunderstandings and rivalries. Fix family fractures. Set an example of family closeness for other relatives. These are times to laugh, cry, reminisce, eat, give each other back rubs, compare aging bodies, ruminate about kids and share dreams.

Jazz Gates along with a group of sister-loving women in Portland, Oregon, has created a non-profit organization which provides services for women that support and enrich family and community relationship. Contact Sisters International, Inc, PO Box 2188, Portland OR 97208-2188; 503-645-8326; [email protected].

summarized from an article by Jann Mitchell in the Portland Oregonian