And the whole town came

When I was living in Colorado, I met a friend I’d grown up with in Guttenberg, New Jersey. We wondered about so and so and I said it would be great to see everyone including teachers, police officers (our P.A.L. was fabulous) and basically anyone who lived in our four- by eight-block town. Eighteen months of letter-writing (before email) and too many phone calls resulted in a three-day reunion. Friday night was a dinner, dance and reminiscing … getting to know each other again.

family reunion image

Saturday in our old schoolyard

Saturday was a “jocks’ delight” in our old schoolyard for most of the daylight hours. And the ladies cheered us on. At night a friend whose father had taken many movies of town events showed them on a wall in the schoolyard just as they did back when. Sunday was a farewell brunch. We took movies and photos and made them available, including several distinct Christmas cards picturing opposing teams.

The Reunion

The reunion brought many old friends together after a 25-year hiatus and many continue to this day. Over 300 people from around the country attended and many who still lived in town walked in to various events. Many who didn’t attend due mainly to not learning about it, wished for another reunion. Because I’d organized and planned the first reunion, I volunteered again to be part of our 2005 reunion.

For information, contact Bob Faro, Guttenberg Town Reunion 2005, 2483 Blue Jay Drive, Nazareth PA 18064; [email protected].