A Reunion White Glove Inspection

Lieut. Commander Frank Romanick, while executive officer of Navy Destroyer USS Ingersoll (Korea 1952-54) conducted 50 shipboard inspections. 43 years later, 70 former shipmates and their spouses arrived in Canon City, Colorado, on three busses for a “pay-back” white glove inspection of the retired Romanick’s home.

To prepare, for nine months Romanick used 75 gallons of white paint to cover 16 rooms and the exterior of his home. Romanick was, however, taken by surprise when the inspection party of 140 persons wore white gloves for a top-to-bottom and fore-and-aft inspection. As executive officer he’d always maintained high standards of cleanliness.

During the Ingersoll reunion’s gala banquet, Romanick was presented all the white gloves as a testimonial of passing the inspection with flying colors. The gloves are now on display in Romanick’s trophy room.